winter olympics 2014

is passing by

I can't help but notice that Norway receives a medal now and then here and there during the winter olympics, but most of the time there is more interesting stuff on our TV screens – sheep and nature for instance.

Nothing new there, as my interest in sport presented on TV, web or anywhere, has been falling steadily over the years and is now barely above zero. But, since it is impossible to completely avoid the flood of live and repeated transmissions and comments related to the big event, I may as well jot down a few words myself while switching channels.

winning medals is fun, me thinks

Now doubt winning is fun for the winners, and to a certain degree it is fun for me to watch them win too.

As Norwegian I am of course a bit blase when it comes to medals in winter olympics – Norway has been in the lead over the years anyway, so it doesn't matter as much who wins now as it did a couple of decades ago.

My congratulations go to those who win medals in Sochi 2014, no matter what country they represent.

As I write these lines (08.feb) Norway has most medals at the winter olympics, but that may of course change in the coming days. I am pretty sure Norwegian athletes manage to collect their fair share of gold, silver and bronze during the games though – they are that good.


Being it during winter olympics or other “games”, watching TV is not something I normally prioritize. Right now there isn't all that much else I can do while healing from a severe setback, so a few hours a day – and sometimes well into the night – are spent watching TV while balancing pain killers. Truly boring…

On rare occasions an interesting music show on an add‐free TV channel saves my day. Other days documentaries without too many disturbing “talking heads” pop up.

Too many potentially interesting programs have over the last decade been turned into some form of entertainment, reality show or pure ego‐trips with below zero value though, so the ones worth watching really are few and far between these days.

If nothing else is found, I can always manage to burn off a few hours watching childrens channels before going back to bed. Sure beats watching sport events, no matter how childish some of those are.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 08.feb.2014
last rev: 23.feb.2014

side notes.

in passing…

If I remember correctly, the image shows our second gold medal winner in Sochi 2014, Ole Einar Bjørndalen, as he crosses the finish line in biathlon. Forgot to watch it live, so picked it up later on a news channel.

I also missed live transmission of our first gold medal winner in Sochi 2014, Marit Bjørgen, but pictures from the skiathlon event she won flow all over the web so I just picked one.

This is how I keep track of the olympic games 2014 – often totally out of order. And although I am sure I have forgotten most a week after the games are over, my method works well enough while the games last.


More than 99% of everything that goes on in the world, passes me by totally unnoticed. So that I did notice that the olympic games had started is actually kind of strange. Maybe facebook had something to do with it, as friends started commenting about the games weeks before they started.

Social media can be useful, but when it comes to sport events and such they are of no real use whatsoever. Have checked in on facebook three times today just to hide winter games related posts. Thank God these particular games are over in a couple of weeks, and we all can go back to sharing the usual stuff.

and that's it…

Writing 23.february, and the Winter Olympics 2014 are over. In case I should forget, top five results are safely tabled out below.


Looks good to me.

reflecting on…

…it does not look good at all.

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