who cares

if we don't?

Thumbs up versus thumbs down … what a difference it makes. No doubt what we want to see when we present ourselves, or our work, to others.

Nevertheless – if we think rationally about it, if we all show thumbs up in all situations, societies across the entire world would crumble and fail because no-one has the foresight and courage to show thumbs down and say “no” to all those who aim at destroy­ing them for what­ever reason.

Knowing when to say “yes” and when to say “no”, and then follow up and do it, is the single most important quality a human can possess. It is what keeps us most in control of our own lives no matter which way the winds of change blow, and nobody else really cares how we fare if we don't.

everything isn't “going to be just fine”

I am not inherently negative to all the issues I don't know enough about. However, lack of insight and know­ledge doesn't make me give un­con­di­tional approvals for them either.
I do not take anyone's word as guarantee that something – anything – is “going to turn out just fine”, and that I should just go along with it without asking questions. Only fools trust others that much…

I want to check all facts for myself, and if I cannot do that for what­ever reason I'll just say “no” no matter the issue. I rather be without than being locked in…
If I happen to upset anyone's carefully crafted plans by spending time on looking into issues in depth until I am satisfied, so be it. I won't lose any sleep over it, even if someone else does.

what else isn't new?

Proper quality control of products and services may be seen as a lost art these days – over­taken by power hunger and greed. Nothing new there.
Worthless bling-bling, throw-away items, and products with built-in obsolescence, is the norm. Nothing is made to work reliable, or to last long enough to become useful – just long enough to be sold for profit. Thumbs down pretty much across the entire market­place as far as I'm concerned.

The indisputable quality of being humane, is all too often turned into glo­ri­fied stu­pid­i­ty by demagogs and used against every­thing that is humane. Nothing new under the sun there either.
No human beings – being it politicians, business people, religious figures, despots, or garden-variety potentates – speaks for me or defines where I stand on any issue. Thumbs down to every­thing I do not person­ally agree with after having ana­lyzed it properly.

want to enjoy a peaceful life?

Sure, a peaceful life would be nice – up to a point where it becomes boring.

The most important issue in life is to be at peace with ourselves, even if that at times may lead to less peace­ful co­ex­ist­ence with others. Cannot please everyone all the time anyway, so…

We don't owe anyone anything for living our lives, even if there are many banging at our doors wanting to cash in on what they claim we owe to “society” or what­ever other arti­ficial con­struct they manage to come up with. Vultures and corrupt crea­tures will always be among us…

The relative peace we may be offered in exchange for giving up individual rights, is equiv­a­lent to being offered our very own spaces in an endless row of cages.
No matter how gilded those (oh so peaceful) cages are, they are still cages that serve only to restrict us. And, they are most likely smeared with blood from previous inhab­i­tants, rather than plated in gold. Few things live up to what's adver­tised…
Thumbs down to that kind of “peace”. A tomb is more inviting, and definitely more peaceful.

My definition of a peaceful life, is when the individual has, and take, optimal control over own destiny. No-one to rely on and no-one to blame but oneself, is an ideal to strive for even if reality is that no-one can master all situations in life all alone. Caring about what matters most takes care of such issues.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 13.sep.2017
last rev: 14.sep.2017

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