what a waste of time

just writing about it.

According to MSM things are “a little bit unclear” around in the world right now. Some zones are being described as “dan­ger­ous to enter”, and present state across the world of poli­tics looks rather messy with every­one blaming every­one else for all failures they have caused and can come up with.
Other than that it is “busi­ness as usual” across the board, and not much done in the leading circles for humanity as such to be proud of. In essense a total waste of time and oppor­tunities.

As if the short summary above was not enough of a reminder of days past that we may see the repetition of, we may include notes about all the “manmade crises” that occupy space in MSM and all across social media.
The latter should remind us that fear still is the most power­ful and des­truc­tive weapon made by man, and that those who are or aspire to be in the leading circles work hard to make the rest of us be totally over­taken by it, so they can control our every move without breaking a sweat. Have I over­looked anything?

circumvent seeds of confusion

As a general rule: the more some­thing gets left or pushed out, denied, covered up, and spoken up against, the more sense it makes to check it up. Keep that in mind, and you will always be ahead of the masses … and more important; way ahead of even their most eager influe­ncers and guides.

As it once again slowly but steadily builds up to another of those well-known series of man­made des­truc­tions at the world stage, nothing much of what we are being told holds water if/​when put to serious intelligence-tests. There is – as men­tioned earlier – not much being said and written by any­one that is worth our time and atten­tion, let alone our trust.
Better to just keep feelers out for what is and isn't real in the world around us, and what is and isn't being done about any of it by those who have put them­selves in charge, and draw our own con­clu­sions from that. The story­tel­lers' pub­lis­hed mess is not our respon­si­bility, so no need to let them affect us as we keep on doing our things and enjoying life.

Of course we listen to media reports, and we read. Whether or not we like any of it does not matter, as all we need to know about what is really going on in the world and beyond, is pub­lis­hed openly in more or less garbled forms. We will find lots of non­sense and lies cooked up by complete fools and corrupt minds alike, very few accu­ra­tely pre­sen­ted facts, and some of the pub­lis­hed stuff may even be kind of enter­taining in a morbid way.
And, there; in between all the incom­plete and inten­tion­ally dis­tor­ted messages, we will find pointers to what we need to know. The rest can be written off as seeds of con­fusion – mainly poli­ti­cal gobble­dy­gook, that does not serve any some­what intel­li­gent being in the least.

That both the pointers and the actual facts are hard to find for those who are new to the required skill of reading between the lines, should not sur­prise any­one. Those who have put them­selves in charge of “the ultimate truths”, obviously do not want any­one to discover any­thing of value that is out­side their agenda and control.

it never ends…

Neither the media, nor those who instruct, push and pay them, will stop the spread of lies and non­sense, cause con­fus­ion, and waste our time with worth­less fact-checks and other dis­trac­tions. Too much money and power to gain by spread­ing chaos and inducing fear.

Expect them to accuse people with deviating views of being believers in con­spi­racy theories, to make sure nobody openly questions their “flaw­less” pub­li­ca­tions and actions. Throwing “fake news” accusations against each other across various media platforms also seems to be quite popular, and “all others” are of course wrong about every­thing under the sun, even if not a single word has been uttered either way … they can always make up some­thing out of thin air to blame others for. All to make us waste more of our time and money on totally worth­less products and issues.

Over the last hundred years or so, evolu­tion in com­muni­ca­tion tech­no­logy has made it possible to spread more and more nonsense to more and more people at an ever-increasing speed. Add to that that the fields of edu­ca­tion and enter­tain­ment have become so intertwined, and the quality of both have fallen to such low levels, that it on one hand is hard to make a dis­tinc­tion between the two, and on the other it is near impos­sible to find any­thing of value in either.

The tech­no­lo­gical evo­lu­tion will not slow down, and few expect or really want it to. It is how­ever not possible for the majority to keep up with tech­no­logy and still live like sane and healthy humans, regard­less of how hard they pre­tend to master it all. So we, as indi­vi­duals, will have to be selec­tive in our choices and uses of tech­no­logy if we want it to be of any real use to us.
Letting others be in control of what tech­no­logy to use and what to use it for, is, and will always be, detri­mental to our free­dom and evolve­ment as indi­viduals, and only those who are per­fec­tly happy with being fea­ture­less and malle­able com­po­nents in machin­eries they have no control over, should be adviced to take that route.

Those who have put them­selves in control of the human machin­eries – also known as “slaveries” in some cul­tures – are of course per­fec­tly happy with gathering more of those fea­ture­less “com­po­nents” into them, for their own pleasure and monetary gains. Not our duty in life to satisfy those crea­tures' wishes though, and we do have choices.
Question is if we, as indi­vid­uals, decide to choose wisely for our­selves and in accor­dance with our very own wants and needs, or not.
Deci­sions, deci­sions…

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 06.feb.2022
last rev: 14.feb.2022

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