what a waste of lives

and for what?

According to MSM et al, things have gone way past being “a little bit unclear” as of February 24. What we all have to deal with right now, is called “a Speci­ally Brutal Russian Invasion of Ukraine” in any language but Putin-approved russian.
History repeats itself in the worst way imagin­able, and what most thought could never happen in our part of the world in these days and age, is a fact.

As for “available” news in Putin's Russia… From 00:00 on the night of March 4 to 5, Novaya Gazeta temporarily refuses the format of news reports under the threat of criminal prosecution of journalists.
auto-translated, source: The Novaya Gazeta information service stops working. We will be back. Soon. Statement

No cen­sor­ing or rewrite can turn Putin's invasion of Ukraine into any­thing but a man­made disaster. No signs of improve­ments in the near future – rather the oppo­site, and for every day that passes more lives are lost.

With that all too real reminder of days past, civilized neigh­boring countries open up as much as they possibly can for the people of Ukraine fleeing the death and des­truc­tion. In the present situa­tion that is the least we can do, and to a large degree that is all we can do.

One day we will have all the answers, but for now we are limited to observe, support, protest, and pray.

reality is always worse…

While the stream of infor­ma­tion from avail­able and more or less official sources inside and out­side war zones, is unreli­able, at times chaotic, and full of missing details, we can be sure that reality for the indi­vi­duals and groups that are hit the hardest is at least as bad as we can visua­lize in our worst dreams / nightmares.

Videos and images may show material des­truc­tion caused by war, but leave or mask out the most graphic images of human bodies and body­parts of those caught by the same des­truc­tive forces.

Buildings and other struc­tures can be big and small, but the humans who lived and worked in and around them are always small no matter the size of the bullets or blasts that brought them down, killed them, or drove them out.

hope, but no illusions

The ongoing war in Ukraine is likely to go from bad to worse, to disas­trous. That is what often happens when people in power insist on imposing their will on others, no matter the cost to others any­where. It is total mad­ness, but some of those in power are simply unable to stop and retreat until it is too late – history in replay with all its gory details.

One day when it is all over, when the damage is done and the dead and suffering have been counted, all sensible humans still alive will pause and ask: “how on Earth could it be that we let it happen?”.
Will we ever learn?

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 06.mar.2022
last rev: 11.mar.2022

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