war by another name

is just as deadly.

Russia's “special mili­tary opera­tion” in Ukraine is spreading death and des­truc­tion indis­crimi­nately, and the effects are felt all over the world.
Easy to think that these global effects are inten­tio­nal, or a sign of panic in the inner circles in Kremlin, as Putin seem to want the conflict to be felt every­where by weapon­izing every­thing that he has at least some, how­ever small, control over. Civilians, not only in Ukraine but all over the world, seem to be legi­time targets for his very “special mili­tary opera­tion”.

As both par­ties in the ongoing war use all means at their dis­posal, the very defi­ni­tion of war itself is de­volv­ing.
Russia and Ukraine fight each other on the ground, in the air, at sea, and all across the cyber­sphere. And both sides' many part­ners, sup­pli­ers, and/​or more or less willing sup­port­ers, take part in rede­fin­ing and ex­pand­ing on how war is fought now, and will be fought in the future*.

What isn't new when it comes to military tactics though, is how Russia is feeding the meat grinder by sending more and more poorly prepared soldiers to the fronts (same as they did 80 years ago, but for entirely dif­fer­ent reasons).
While such a tactic may work for a while, the cost in Russian lives may be hard for Russian leaders to defend as the war drags out.
Not that Putin and his henchmen so far have shown any signs of caring much about numbers of people killed – soldiers or civilians, on either side in this con­flict of their own making.

That Russia's war in Ukraine drains human and material resources that cannot be easily replaced, both in the two countries that are fighting and else­where in the world – for no good reason, should be easy to see by any­one who pays any atten­tion. One can only wonder how long this utter mad­ness will go on, and what the final out­come will be this time.

As Putin (ac­cord­ing to him­self) won't quit attack­ing Ukraine until Ukraine quits defend­ing itself, this war by another name may last for quite a while…

hunger as weapon…

The world's food markets are already being hit hard by the latest Russian return to block­ading ship­ping of (mainly) grain from Ukraine's southern ports through the Black Sea, des­truc­tion of grain in storage, and dam­age to faci­li­ties in these ports*

As many countries, espe­ci­ally on the African con­tin­ent, are de­pend­ing on import of grain and basic food items from Ukraine to feed their popu­la­tions, the results of the block­ade can be expected to be as follows…
– Not enough basic food to go around, causing prices to rise.
– Many of the poorest people in the world cannot afford to buy food at these higher prices.
Many people will go hungry, and many will die*.

Russia's promises of sup­plies of grain for free to some African coun­tries, may save some lives and buy some poli­ti­cal points for Russia in those coun­tries. And ex­change of grain for weapons deals with other coun­tries, may also to some degree work in Russia's favor.

No matter how one looks at it; Putin's tac­ti­cal use of wide­spread hunger among the in­no­cent as part of his “special mili­tary opera­tion”, is a pretty dirty and in­hu­mane way to wage war by any standard, that will further lower Putin's – and thereby Russia's – already pretty low standing in the world. Is that part of Putin's planning too?
Good thing alter­na­tive chan­nels and routes for export of grain from Ukraine to the parts of the world that need it the most, are being pre­pared and made avail­able, to counter­act Russia's Black Sea block­ade*. Question is if these alter­na­tives are enough…

war is big business

Wars have always driven inno­va­tions aimed at finding “more effi­ci­ent ways to kill ones ene­mies”, in addi­tion to increased pro­duc­tion of the most pre­fer­red and used existing types of weapons, ammu­ni­tions and acces­sories. Producers all over the world are ramping up their various pro­duc­tion lines, as orders flow in from the warring parties and their supporters.

As digital tech­no­logies / AI is intro­duced in more and more mili­tary sys­tems, the market for advanced tech­no­logy is growing by the day.
Both old and new pro­duc­ers of military tech­no­logy are watching the ongoing war in Ukraine quite closely, in order to see what works and what doesn't on large and small scales, to figure out what types of improve­ments and/​or alter­na­tives each of them can offer, in compe­ti­tion with all the other sup­pli­ers of such tech­nolo­gies* *.

Regard­less of how bad it may sound; to third party mili­tary tac­ti­cians and tech­no­logy experts, a con­flict/​war like the one between Russia and Ukraine, is like a gift from the Gods of war.
They can gather loads of inva­lu­able know­ledge, with­out putting their own coun­tries' soldiers or popu­la­tions in harms way, and share this know­ledge and various con­clu­sions with their mili­tary partners for use in future con­flicts*.

No army has ever had too many weapons at their disposal. However, it is of course impor­tant to have the right types of weapons avail­able for the situa­tion at hand, rather than large amounts of old and/​or more or less obso­lete and use­less ones, if one wants to win a battle or war. Wars are still to a very large degree won in factories…

the future?

Wars, armed conflicts and terror every­where, and no end to the mad­ness in sight. The future does not look too bright for man­kind in my view, when this is how dis­agree­ments between nations, popu­la­tion groups, and follow­ers of this or that reli­gion, poli­ti­cal party or privi­li­ged indi­vid­uals, still are being “solved”.

How long is it since we – the human race – left those primi­tive shelters, caves, and weapons made of stone behind, and this rather small planet became popu­la­ted by what some still dare to call “modern and civi­lized human beings”‥?
Will we ever learn?

Despite, or maybe because of, my personal views on how deadly force repeat­edly is being used to “solve” problems and dis­agree­ments between and inside nations, I recog­nize that once the mad­ness has started, in most cases only more deadly force can end it. Thus, I have chosen side in the Russia–Ukraine conflict, even if I can not, and do not want to, par­tic­i­pate in this war by another name. May Ukraine keep its inde­pen­dence, and all its land…

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 03.aug.2023
last rev: 20.aug.2023

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