the vivaldi browser

still my first choice.

A while since I started relying on Vivaldi for all my browsing needs, and so far I have not come up with any good reasons to change my mind about it in comparison with all the others.

Over the years I have performed some testing across browser­land, and while my test-criterias may carry no weight to others, and also have changed slightly with time, the results clearly have changed as loads of browsers have dropped out of the race over the years.
Others have taken over, but given the time and resources needed to build browsers from scratch, all major browsers today are built around a small selection of core soft­ware packages developed and added to over decades. In short: all browsers on the market are old.

privacy, security, and flexibility

That “everything is an option” in Vivaldi, is most definitely more than a sales-pitch. And where makers of other browsers may pretend to deliver privacy and security, the Vivaldi crew is proven to deliver what they say all the way.

I may have sort of overloaded the two-level tab stack option a few times, and no browser works optimally on a memory-limited laptop when switching back and forth between 200+ tabs. That Vivaldi still works quite well when heavily loaded, is a sign that those behind it have organized it with users like myself in mind.

Apart from the tab stack occupying space, I want as little “visual disturbance” in/​from the browser itself as possible. In that sense I'm a minimalist, and have Vivaldi set up that way.

work in progress…

While more “best browsers” are raining down on us in 2022, not much have changed but names over the last decade or so. Slightly better support for web standards, but other­wise the progress across browser­land is not all that impressive.

Not often I trust busi­nesses in our wonder­ful digi­tally inter­con­nected world, but I have come to trust those behind the Vivaldi browser. As long as they keep on improving their product along the same lines, they will keep me as customer … it is that simple.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 12.apr.2022
last rev: 12.may.2022

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