viruses and cures

wondering which will get to me first.

The corona­viruses that may cause the covid-19 disease in humans, are hitting many socie­ties hard. Not so much the viruses them­self it seems, but rather the lock­downs and res­tric­tions that are sup­posed to slow down and reduce the spread. Health systems and insti­tu­tions seem to be a bit over­stretched in many coun­tries, and the aut­hori­ties likewise.
Don't know what is worst … covid-19, or the many ways to “control the pan­de­mic” that are liter­ally being forced upon us.

Some may think I have gone mad or some­thing, and that I do not believe these viruses can make me sick and even kill me. Sure they can, despite the general pre­cau­tions I take to protect myself and thereby also my family and friends. For all I know at the time of writing, I may be dead from covid-19 (or some­thing else) by the time you read this. Shit happens…

I do however have a lot more faith in sound immune sys­tems' abi­li­ties to fight off viruses – corona and others, than in their abi­li­ties to fight off unknown quantities of adverse effects caused by vaccines and other medi­ca­tion.
I am not a big believer in big phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal busi­nesses' abi­li­ties, or will, to lower the risk of damage to human health, and “death by cure” cases are too many…

Having people in the higher risk groups (as I am), should not lead to whole societies being shut down to “pro­tect” the few.

Realistically, some of us who are older and/​or weaker will die during this pan­de­mic for a number of reasons, regard­less of the degree of “pro­tec­tion” those who order lock­downs and other measures pretend to pro­vide for us.
Destroying live­li­hoods for the majority, is simply too high a price to pay for the slim chance of (maybe) keeping a slightly higher number of us at higher risk of dying from exposure to these particular corona virus strains, around for a few more weeks, months, or even years.

Balanced approaches must be found, so the many can survive the pandemic with some­what intact lives and livelihoods.

breaking down statistics…

We can safely expect the spread of the covid-19 causing corona viruses to get worse for a while, before it slowly will get better, and it will be abso­lu­tely worst in areas where people can not, or are unvil­ling to, observe the simplest and most sensible mea­sures for limiting exposure and spread. This is basic logic, backed by data and expe­ri­ences from prev­i­ous pandemics.
Access to working and widely accepted vaccines in high enough quan­ti­ties and to low enough prices to make a real dif­fer­ence for larger segments of the world's popu­la­tion, will at best only skew the timing somewhat.

Whether or not an increased virus spread will lead to more deaths and/or lasting health prob­lems in indi­vid­uals, is some­thing we won't know until after the fact. As the medical personel learn more about how to treat the worst covid-19 cases, the hope is that the number of dead and really sick will stay low even as number of infec­ted increases. Question is if there are enough qualified medical personel…

There is also the quite realistic (and ordinary) situation that the corona virus mutates – hopefully to less harmfull variants, and that it slowly burns itself out as more and more of the popu­la­tion build up a degree of (natural or assisted) immunity against the most harmful strains. That is after all how all viruses before it has ended their impact on our societies: still deadly to the weakest among us for quite a while, but handled with minemal side-effects by the trained immune systems in most humans.

On the other hand; muta­tions may make it harder for our immune sys­tems to cope, and of course also pro­long and com­pli­cate devel­op­ment of safe and well-work­ing vaccines. Mutations may also create the need for dif­fer­ent vaccines for dif­fer­ent virus strains and popu­la­tion groups around the world simul­ta­ne­ously, and repeated state-spon­sored devel­op­ment pro­ces­ses for years and decades to come.
Who can come up with a more eco­nom­i­cally sound busi­ness idea‥?

The impact on economy for individuals, families, and small and medium busi­nes­ses, caused by the pandemic itself, and – to a larger degree – the poli­tical handling of it, is immense and growing.
With more or less total lock­downs and travel restric­tions intro­duced all over the place, incomes from pro­duc­tion, trade and services, are severely reduced, and/​or will have totally disap­peared by the time we can call this pandemic to be over, for those who need it the most.

In the end it does not matter if the most vulnerable among us die from virus infec­tions or as the result of pro­longed, in­dis­crim­i­nate, lock­downs and lack of capacity in the various health systems, even if it looks different on paper.
We are human beings, not mere statistics on computer screens.

no reason to panic…

The same public infor­ma­tion is, and will con­tinue to be, avail­able to all with access to media, and I see no point in having indi­vid­uals like myself telling others what to think or do – esp­eci­ally not in the midst of a declared pandemic. There are enough medical and non-medical “experts” and “know it alls” around as it is…

What I do want to point out though, is that fear has never done much good for any­one in any situation, facing covid-19 or not. Common sense, com­bined with gen­er­ous use of soap and water before and after vis­it­ing poten­ti­ally infec­tious public areas, work so much better against any and all viruses.
This isn't a bad recipe when it comes to keeping un­wan­ted bac­te­rias and para­sites at arm's length either, and it works wonders regard­less of whether we're vaccinated or not.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 12.nov.2020
last rev: 21.nov.2020

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