political science con­sen­suses

are highly unsettled and unsettling.

The political consensus appears to be overwhelmingly crisis oriented, while scientists have yet to find common ground pointing towards the projected crisis. Thus, no scientific consensus that is not requested, subsi­dized and paid for … only a whole range of political ones as of the summer of 2021.

The outcomes may be some­what enter­taining at times, but… poli­ti­cal circles are spiraling down, down, down. Truth … for the most part missing in politics.

I am of course pointing to the many climate change related terms and resolutions that pollute just about every speech and document produced for and by poli­tical entities every­where – especially in the western world.

And, as climate consensus reso­lu­tions get more and more jargon-like and appear more and more as “copy and paste” jobs of the same few meaning­less terms, the COVID-19 pandemic with all its ever-changing local and global variants has entered the stage with its con­stant flow of con­fusing, color­ful (and often pretty chaotic) mix of “another crisis ahead” and “return to normalcy” decla­ra­tions spread via all avail­able mass media channels.

The consensus up until now seems to be that none of those who make decisions knows much of anything for sure, but that all COVID-19 vaccines released to us are recom­mended by the leading medical and poli­tical authorities in the area.
We are given no guarantees that any of these “cures” will work as we have been told, or even as intended, as not a single one of the newly developed and emer­gency ap­proved “vaccines” has been tested for long-term effects on human health – “maybe” is a very popular word among experts these days. Not unlike the many “cures for climate changes” in that respect. Global scale ex­per­i­ments seem to be part of a growing trend in certain circles…

unethically mixed and mashed for personal gains

Political parties, profes­sions and direc­tions, do not matter much when it comes to how most of those in posi­tions behave. They are “just humans”, and will make the most for them­selves out of whatever posi­tions they occupy, almost regard­less of how it affect others. Exceptions are too few to mention … unless you are really serious in your search for truth.

People in positions will rather push people that disagree with and oppose them off the cliff, than having to deal with what they represent and risk personal losses and shame.
Perfect examples of why it usually takes quite a while for the truth to get past the many man-made barriers and through to the masses, mainly relying on the fact that after a long enough time of exposure to lies the majority will refuse to believe the truth anyway – thus keeping the original liars out of reach and safe from the wrath of the misled.

No problem keeping truth side­lined with so many levels of state-authorized crime developed for the sole purpose of sup­porting and pro­tecting poli­tical and busi­ness lies and prac­tices for their greedy and power hungry masters.

Those who look for something to gather con­sen­sus about, will easily find that about 97% of poli­ti­cians of all shapes and sizes, mix in about 97% of pure lies in about 97% of the climate related statements they release and decisions they make. That is how the above mentioned “poli­tical science con­sen­suses” have come about, and the light shades of apparent science-facts used as cover keep the belief in actual “con­sen­suses” floating among the uninformed.

That some political characters even mix and mash COVID-19 in with climate scare in order to maximize the fear-factors, should not come as much of a surprise. And how­ever unbe­liev­able it may sound: some of these characters actually believe at least some of the nonsense they serve and are themself being served.

No wonder so many respected scientists, and other people with a mind of their own (and acceptable private budgets), quit supporting same con­sen­suses instead of allowing them­selves to be drawn deeper into these global webs of lies.

beware of fear­mon­gers

Fear can be a tre­men­dously power­ful weapon in the wrong hands, and is espe­ci­ally dan­ger­ous in the hands of those who have posi­ti­oned them­selves as leaders in our socie­ties.

Better call Scooby-Doo and the gang right away, and turn the table on the fear­mon­gers. We have no use for that kind of lowly crea­tures in our midst in these days and age, so if they become too trou­ble­some it is time to catch and deactivate them.

Dealing with official fear­mon­gers and other state-authorized criminals, can be quite tire­some and boring. However, they are “just humans” (or at least so most of them claim), and can be dealt with as such or not at all.
Most of these “just humans” can simply be ignored, as their behavior is mainly caused by the fact that they them­selves live in fear. They may fear fear itself, along with climate changes, illnesses, death, and just about every­thing else that can be regarded as perfectly normal stages in life.

Life is dangerous – nobody survives, and that simple fact may be too much to deal with for some. Thus, they des­per­ately try to load off their own fear for the inevi­table onto others. Funny how that works…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 25.jun.2021
last rev: 01.nov.2021

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