trust science

not politicians.

One can have great faith in scien­tific method­ology when it comes to finding answers to the most funda­mental questions related to what makes nature tick here on Earth and every­where else, and zero faith in what scien­tific programs and data are being turned into by poli­ti­cians and their lackeys inside and out­side the various fields of science.

Of course, it does not matter what any­body any­where put his, her or their trust in, or not, when the science – and all else for that matter – is settled on any subject that poli­ti­cians and others in power have made it their mission to take total control over. Any fool on Earth knows that to be a self-evi­dent fact.

What the not so easily fooled indi­vid­uals and groups know, is of course heresy in a world of fools (uh) true believers. Nothing new there, and not much chance that humanity will grow up and out of such primi­tive col­lec­tive mind­sets any­time soon.

To repeat that “history repeats itself” over and over again, does not make up for the fact that humanity indeed has not pro­gres­sed signi­fi­cantly in how they solve problems of their own making.
The same people who create the problems, are still being trusted to clean up their own mess – which they never do. And so it goes, until all hell breaks lose and the entire process of building societies has to be restarted again, and again, and again, with the future of humanity written in the past – in blood. What a wonderful world…

what science is, and what it never was…

In short: Science is never-ending curiosity in thoughtful action about the world and how it behaves. Science is never settled at any level, any subject, or for any reason.
The scientific method drawn as a circle The scientific method:
Observations | Questions | Search literature | Hypothesis | Experiment | Collect data | Conclusions | Share results | Develop interventions | Ask new questions … and repeat.
Even shorter: never break the scien­tific circle.

Science is indeed an expanding set of con­tin­uous circles, with begin­nings, but no ends. Many have tried to block pro­gress in science through­out human history, and such efforts have always been intro­duced by the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. That science some­times have to find ways around ethical dilem­mas, does not change the fact that it is, and will always be, an ongoing and unstop­pable process.

text in image What science is about:
• What we can prove.
• Thinking of alternative explanations.
• Creativity and ingenuity.
• Teamwork.
• A mixture of wonder and skepticism.
As the only reasons anyone has ever blocked, halted or censored scien­tific processes have been purely poli­tical (with a shade of religion over the reasoning at times), sensible people will simply write such attempts off as totally sense­less acts per­for­med by utter morons, and keep on searching for and col­lec­ting more know­ledge and infor­ma­tion on the actual subjects.

text in image What science is not about:
• What we would like to believe.
• Arguing in favor of one position.
• Status and reputation.
• Personality and persuasiveness.
• Just collecting a lot of facts.
Without con­tinu­ous and met­hod­ical research into all aspects of the nature we rely on, humanity will stagnate, and we will end up having to deal with all the man-made crises poli­ti­cians and other corrupt beings in power can come up with, without the aid of know­ledge and means to look beyond the humbug. With the cha­rac­ters we are up against, we need all the help we can get.

on the road, again…

text in image The road to hell is paved with good intentions
The road to hell here on Earth, is indeed paved with good inten­tions … on top of thick layers of broken promises and sacri­ficed souls. And those who have put them­selves in charge of these “projects” have no inten­tion of halting the sacri­ficing of man­kind and nature any time soon, as their inten­tions are only supposed to be really good for them and theirs, and not so good for anyone else.
Again: history repeats itself.
No one in their right mind would want to go down that route if they knew to where and what it lead, but once there our choices are limited.

politicized science is organized crime…

Politics can be defined as wide and all-in­clud­ing as any brothers and sisters in crime could ever want, and there are no limits to what people in poli­tics and “associated” positions can pretend to be and can do to harm us for their own gains. Individuals may not have started out their poli­ti­cal careers with bad inten­tions, but nearly all will end up just as cyni­cal, arro­gant and corrupt as the others after a while.
Whenever poli­ti­cians and others in power claim to base their work on science, poli­ti­cally based fiction with hardly any roots in real science but a few common words, seems to be their entire base.

Not a single person in those criminal circles, including the “scien­tists”, “experts” and “con­sul­tants” they have given man­date and/​or paid to back up their fic­tio­nal stories, can be trusted to be truth­ful or care for any­body or any­thing but them­selves and their like-minded friends and colleagues. Guess that is why more and more real scien­tists speak up and/​or leave their positions, as they see the most important points in their care­fully crafted work being left out and replaced with out­dated poli­ti­cal dogmas and pure garbage. Politi­cized science, or science per­for­med on poli­ti­cal terms, does not deserve to be recog­nized as serious science.

personal freedom is sacred

True science never threatens personal freedom. Instead it leaves us enlight­ened and asking for more updated and detailed infor­mation. Know­ledge is power.
The threats always come in the form of misuse of power from the poli­ti­cal estab­lish­ments, these days all too often led by the most capi­tal­istic, dicta­torial, and terror­istic con­glom­erates one can find on the world stage.

That political figures and groups more and more often redefine and rewrite, and then hide their actions behind, socalled “scien­tific docu­men­ta­tion”, does in no way reduce the involved's respon­si­bi­lity for their many harm­ful proce­dures and actions … rather the oppo­site.

Right, only inde­pen­dent and/​or true scien­tists can be trusted to apply and maintain high standards in their work, and the proof can always be found in the original docu­men­ta­tion they release. Reading poli­ti­cally redacted docu­men­ta­tion and what is called “sum­mar­ies for poli­ti­cal bodies” is a waste of time, and acting on it is totally meaningless.

So while I am perfectly com­fort­able with what comes out of true and pro­gres­sing science, I will always be on alert for the many false claims that are being pre­sen­ted in the name of science.
Did I miss anything?

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 30.apr.2022
last rev: 03.may.2022

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