sport is fun to watch

but not everywhere.

The Olympic Games 2012 have just started, but that is just a coincidence. My reason for writing about sport is that it at times is so hard to avoid in media that it becomes a nuisance. I like watching a sports event now and then, but have absolute zero interest in being entertained by sport everywhere all the time.

Results from events are also not very interesting, as I do not favor any athlete, team or nation in any sport. Whoever won or lost whatever in sport has no meaning to me, and I most certainly do not want to endure long discussions or lectures about who and/or what was to praise or blame for a result.

play on.

Athletes and spectators may just go on doing whatever it is they like to do for all I care, as long as there's plenty for the rest of us who are not particularly interested in sport events. Not so right now as far as I can see – someone has probably invested too much to let the chance of making noises and pushing products pass by.

As Norwegian national TV postpone good programming for weeks, and news channels report sport events and results around the clock instead of real news, there's not much reason to turn on TV until bigger sport events like the Olympic Games 2012 are over since for a while now they will be all over the place.

Smaller sport events and schedules do at least not occupy main channels all the time in my country, so they are easy to keep an eye on or ignore at will. Have kind of gotten used to the more balanced programming spread sprinkled with sports here and there in various media.

More balanced programming spread in main channels is all I want really, all the time and not disturbed by big sport events. Keep the sport in the dedicated sport channels for those interested, and leave the main channels alone.

have fun.

Wishing all athletes and spectators everywhere all good. Just let me know when it is all over and things are back to normal.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 29.jul.2012
last rev: 30.jul.2012

side notes.

have fun…

…but not on my screens.

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