problems solved badly

and same solutions applied over and over again.

Again and again we have to conclude that hardly a single individual among those we have allowed to take leading positions – political and otherwise, and make major decisions in and for our societies, can be trusted to do anything right and in our favor.
It should therefore be a given by now that we all should be pretty skeptic when it comes to following their advices on any levels, based solely on historic records. Yet, too many of us still act as if we actually trust “our chosen leaders*”, without further reflec­tions.

Again and again we are left with the knowledge that those in control of solving the (mainly imaginary) problems we are being presented with on an almost daily basis – via media and otherwise, also are the ones that allow all the real problems to keep on building up as houses of cards until they break into major disasters. History repeats itself, again and again, every few years.

Why is it that we the people again and again allow the least trustworthy and most incapable among us to run the shows on an increasingly more globalized scene? Doesn't anybody bother to look at history beyond the official and (for the most part) highly edited versions they rush through in schools these days? Did anyone ever?

worthless words flourish

The (almost) hypnotic effects well-composed and well-performed speeches can have on audiences, are well known. Symbolism beats facts, and what is actu­ally being said tends to be less impor­tant than how speeches are performed, and (not to forget) by and for whom. And, the sad thing is that too many of the “big” speeches in history have been held to inten­tion­ally mislead people.
Military battles, and entire wars, have been initiated by “speeches”, and all too often there has been little to no truth in and behind those more-or-less well-spoken words that have led to so much death and des­truc­tion through­out human history.

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'if you repeat a lie often enough, 
it becomes <del>truth</del> <ins>politics</ins>' It does not matter if one or more indi­vid­uals, in leading posi­tions or further down in a hierarchy, speaks truth­fully on a matter – any matter, as others from the same circles will almost always step in and negate what has been said before.

A few rounds later nobody remembers what anybody said about any­thing, and when, if at all, anything was said, and nobody will accept personal responsi­bility for having lied about any­thing to anyone. And so it goes, over and over and over again. Do at least get every­thing in writing before taking it further, what­ever it is.

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'In politics, nothing happens by accident. 
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt' Deceit, heavily sup­por­ted by our self-deceit (because we want to believe in people and what we think they stand for), makes it literally impos­sible to solve any real problems any­where for real, for good, and for all. Human nature will always be an obstacle….

Realising that, at best, all we can achieve is to temporarily patch up some of the most glaring “holes in the roads” right in front of us, is imperative if we want to avoid getting stuck in past problem-solving failures. Such failures – planned and otherwise – will be plentiful enough without us holding onto and drag­ging them out in our minds.

staying alert…

Whenever anyone tries to move our focus over to subjects of their choice, first thing to check is if any of what whoever they are are bringing to the table makes sense to us. In most cases it does not once we have thought whatever it is over for a while, so we may as well tell them to take it some­where else well out of our personal range.

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'believe nothing, no matter where you read it,
 or who has said it, not even if I said it, 
 unless it agrees with your own reason 
 and your own common sense. 
 - Buddha' From the outset nobody owes anybody anything, and it pays to be smart about what and who one commits to in life. Give what you want, borrow only when you have to, and make sure to keep what you need to sustain your­self.
Most important to the individual is to stay safe and able to deal with and solve ones own problems. We are no good to anyone, including our­selves, if we let outsiders take control of what matters in our lives.

“Integrity” is not just a word defined in dictionaries*. Integrity is for each of us to define for our­selves. Others – espe­ci­ally those with low or no integrity – may question and even ridi­cule us for who we are, but nobody can redefine us unless we allow them to.
Main thing is to not let anyone disturb our peace of mind and joy in life, for whatever cause or reason that does not ring right to our ears.

live and let die…

The old James Bond-film aside; the indisputable fact when it comes to the final solution, is that it is both “final” and “equalizing”. Death is waiting on all of us some­where in our future – sooner for some and later for others, and there is nothing any­one can do to change that simple fact.
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'Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe.
- Mark Twain' Don't worry about it, as it makes no sense to allow our minds to drift into that area too often or stay there for too long, at the expense of living our lives in accor­dance with our own choices to the degree possible. A reminder now and then about the futility in aiming at eternity on earth, should do.

Others – most specifi­cally those who insist on being in control of our lives – should have to execute on their own decisions and figure out how to live and die with them, without our support.
Most of these people have cheated with fake cards all along, and are not worth much when the game turns real. So why not follow up and give them what they deserve … basi­cally by turning our backs to those who are in it only to serve them­selves rather than society as a whole.
Problems solved … the right way for once‽

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.aug.2020
last rev: 07.aug.2020

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