sad state of affairs

in the broadest sense imagi­na­ble.

Pointing at any particular area where the state of affairs is so much worse than in all other areas so as to warrant a spe­ci­fic note, is liter­ally impos­sible. It is equally bad across the board – or across the entire world if you like, and no lack of subjects and issues to drive the easily de­pres­sed over the edge.

The common factor in all cases is that people are respon­sible for the state of every­thing that is bad and sad and so on and so forth in all socie­ties in the world, and that most prob­lems are intro­duced by people who claim to be serving us “solu­tions” to problems we may not even have realized that we had. Imagine that…

In short: blaming those who make decisions for all that is wrong, is almost never entirely off the mark. Whether or not it is the front-figures – those who front governments and appear in media, or others lurking around in the leading circles, who are really behind the sad states of affairs, is another matter. Pays to figure out that “minor” detail as early as pos­sible, in order to rectify things while there is still time to prevent total disasters.

For a hint of who in the most des­truc­tive circles to neutra­lize first; “those who demand respect do not deserve any, and those who deserve respect do not demand any”.
Gives the more sensible among us a good starting point for restoring the state of affairs to one of good health and pros­perity in any and all areas within our reach.

state authorized distractions

In order to keep the hoi polloi focusing any­where but at what really matters, all big and small incident any­where in the world will be exploi­ted to that effect.
News desks are already experts at blowing all kinds of nothing­ness out of pro­por­tion in order to catch our atten­tion. Thus, they do not have to be told, nudged, or paid much in order to do more of what they natur­ally do every single day anyway.

Those behind the most des­truc­tive policies on the local and global arena, will continue to back all dis­trac­tions as long as they need them as cover for their many shady activi­ties, and imme­di­ately brand them as “fake” the moment they are disturbed by them.
It is not really possible to over­esti­mate the nega­tive impact bad people in leading posi­tions can have on our socie­ties. Human beings can always be worse than any­one but their equally bad peers can imagine, and the worst often end up in posi­tions of power.

To most of these crea­tures; life is domi­nated by ac­quir­ing and holding on to personal power and wealth, of which they will never get enough regard­less of how much death and des­truc­tion they leave in their tracks.

leaders – blessed and cursed

Some expect their leaders to provide the right answer to every question and solutions for every problem, and will support their leaders with their lives if need be.
Some blame their leaders for not asking the right questions and not dealing with the right problems, and want those leaders replaced.

Guess what; the act of supporting leaders, or replacing them through more or less peaceful means, have never made much of a dif­fer­ence any­where in the world at any time in human history. One batch of leaders is unlikely to be any better than another, regard­less of how they pre­sent them­selves or are being pre­sented by others.
From “democracies”, via “kakisto­cra­cies”, to “dic­tator­ships” … it is all a game that is kept run­ning on unreal­istic beliefs, hopes and dreams, and through ter­ror, for the sake of keeping the general popu­la­tion from re­volt­ing while they are being exploited.

Yes, there have been excep­tions from the rules over the centuries. A few slightly better leaders, and many that appear to have been far worse than average. For the most part any differences we can point at today depend more on who wrote the relevant chapters in the history books that are kept from various historic periods though, than on any real differences in leadeships and their mainly negative impacts on the lives of the general population.

With enough state authorized criminals – police and alike – as guards, leaders of all shapes, colors and shades and their followers everywhere, have often taken the oppor­tu­nity to test how far they can stretch their powers without risking their own lives. Other people's lives and well­being are rarely ever taken into account.
That many of these oppor­tu­nists through­out history have not survived their “test-runs” in good shape, should be well known. However, there will always pop up new candi­dates, who think they can do so much better for them­selves. No need to wish them “good luck” on their way down the various drains, as they have tended to draw too many inno­cent people down with them.

so, what about it…

One does not even have to form questions about the sad state of affairs every­where … “ and the fool on the hill sees the world spinning round ” … as none of it has to matter in the short time-span from birth to grave for any of us. Can form basis for some very inter­esting con­spiracy theo­ries for those who choose to put their minds into it though, and, again; chances are that most con­spiracy theo­rists are not entirely wrong.

It is of course quite legitime to not give a damn in any of this. Most people land on or around that apparently quite passive reaction to most of what goes on outside their own circles, same as those who are, or want to be, inside certain other circles.
That is right; nearly every­thing is defined in circles, groups and classes. Human mentality is to sort all others by whether they are found to belong to this, or that, speci­fic group of a social, poli­ti­cal or other nature.
The value of such defining and sorting of fellow human beings is ques­tion­able at best and plain wrong at worst, but most will never­the­less define both them­selves and others by who they hang out with, i.e.: what circle they belong to.

Not belonging to any group isn't an option, as that simply does not compute in the minds of the most diligent “sorters”. No-one is allowed to exist out­side their (often pretty limited) defi­ni­tion ranges.
In its simplest form we have the “those who are not with us are against us” forms, and in a slightly more advanced form it has become “what we can define we can also control”. Anyone with even the slightest know­ledge about human history, and in­ter­est in how the human mind works, can expand on those “defi­ni­tions” and draw their own con­clu­sions.

Me … I'll stick to the gist of the (not entirely correct) “fool on the hill” quote above, inter­pre­ted which­ever way any­one wants to twist and turn it. Makes it easier to keep the over­sight in a mostly insane world, and living in it for a while more fun.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 25.mar.2021
last rev: 28.mar.2021

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