sad days

and it hurts to see the old country go down.

Returned to my old country recently after having spent a few months abroad, and almost wish I hadn't. Not much good to say about “coming home” to a country that is in such a state of intent­ional decline.

I used to be proud of being able to call myself Norwegian, but now there is hardly enough left of my old country to even bother to call it by name.
The granite our house is built on, and the natural surroundings, are all fine. But, as a country this strip of land is in a sorry state these days – not much to be proud of.

gross betrayal.

The majority of the self-elected repre­sent­atives for us, the people, are giving away our con­sti­tu­tional sover­eignty and freedom, against our, the people's, expressed will. That can only be interpreted one way: they knowingly commit treason against the people and country they claim to represent.

Of course, the same self-elected repre­sent­atives have already removed nearly all legal ways to handle them as the traitors they are. So, as there is no real demo­cracy left in this country now anyway, the scene is left wide open for some interesting history lessons…

The truth will always be the truth, no matter how many ways those in power try to rewrite history to sup­press  it.

no use listening…

As our self-elected repre­sent­atives are self-licensed to lie with impunity, letting the present political majority tell us what is best for us and how to go about life, would be the most ridiculous form for stupidity. We, the people in this country, are quite capable of figuring all that out for ourselves … and they clearly are not it. If they were they would follow our guide-lines – let the people decide, not expect us to follow theirs.

The traitors, and their col­labo­rators across all party-lines, will eventually have to face the consequences of their actions. Gonna be interesting to watch it all unfold.

In the mean time: given the total lack of reasonable good options across the political landscape, and no illusion of seeing real demo­cracy in this country in my life-time, I choose to cast my vote for one of the least harmful alternatives in upcoming elections.

I will otherwise go on living my life my way, make a stand for what I believe in when­ever I can, and hope for the best while preparing for the very worst our self-elected repre­sent­atives can “customize” for us.
Life is too short…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 18.jun.2015
last rev: 21.jun.2015

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