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most likely missing in action.

I borrowed the following quote from the internet…

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Wikipedia is full of such messages, and they pretty much say what this article of mine is all about. No amount of information is worth bothering with if it cannot be verified.

Whenever I want to check up on something, finding reliable sources that can verify the information I find, can be hard … very hard. The reason is of course that despite the increasing amount of information flowing in, or rather being thrown at us from all directions, the number of reliable sources is not increasing.

might as well try to catch the moon

What we're looking for, is real information – facts, preferably provided by trust­worthy human beings.
Now, name some that claim to fit the terms listed below, that actually do…

Synonyms: reliable, dependable, responsible, trustworthy, trusty

… and I'll guarantee that you will end up with a pretty short list.

As most ordinary, decent people prefer to lay low, live peaceful lives and mind their own business, all the unreliable, undependable, irresponsible and anything but trustworthy people are left free to turn our world into a veritable dump – and they are working really hard at it.
No wonder the man-made world is in the process of becoming a “pretty boring” place, as there isn't much left that appeals to human intelligence.

This world is not on a fast-track to hell because we cannot feed a growing population, but rather because a growing part of the world population gets served anything but the truth to live by.

Knowing the truth tends to lead to more freedom of choice, and freedom of any kind for the majority of the world population is clearly not in the interest of those few who control, shape and (most of all) withold information.

Continuous economic growth for the very few, and to hell with all else, seems to be all you can find on the agenda for the ruling, lying and cheating, classes. You can regard that little bit of infor­mation as trustworthy, as it has been unin­ten­tion­ally leaked from pretty reliable sources – themselves.

no paranoia

I see no reason to become paranoid, or even worried, about all the negative forces that infiltrate and try to dirty down all good things in life. We cannot ignore the dirt that is being spread, but we do not have to support those who spread it.

The dirtbags may work hard on trying to control everything, and sell us everything – even our own souls. But, as they can only stay in control as long as their actions, and who they are, do not catch too much attention, their free ride to success is becoming increasingly hampered by potholes in the roads.

The bad guys may have man­aged to get most gov­ern­ing bodies and traditional media to work for them – mainly by paying off key personnel and/or replacing them with their own followers.
But, as fewer and fewer of us ordinary people pay much, if any, attention to what our governments and the official media want us to focus on or distract us with, our field of view opens up to reality … they have nothing of value to offer.

There's a flow of worthless shit being marketed through all channels imaginable, that we do not have to waste our time, our health or our hard-earned money on. Voting with our wallets every day of the week, is definitely more efficient than casting votes for some self-centered political party on election day.

More and more the dirtbags are being forced to do their shady work in the open, where more and more good, decent people can see who they are and the damage they are inflicting on our societies and the world as a whole.
Consequently, more and more people start to counteract the negative forces in every way possible. A positive attitude will get us far, and even what seems impossible at first, will, as a rule, just take a little longer to achieve.

So, no, I am neither paranoid about the present nor worried about the future. I am in fact rather optimistic on behalf of all conscious people on this earth.
Free souls know no boundary, and we neither need nor want official seals of approval. We only want the truth to prevail.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 06.jun.2015
last rev: 09.jun.2015

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