reality of modern life

is totally illusory.

Nothing much is what it seems today, and from the look of it there most likely never was, and never will be, much of any­thing real in our modern world.

Reality shows are popular in many circles, which isn't all that sur­pris­ing. Such shows are about as close to reality most modern humans are com­for­table with.

Modern life is in itself a whole series of reality shows, and those who are uncom­for­table with one show can always find another, equally awful, to live in. Choosing one or another is pretty much oblig­a­tory for the modern man, as other­wise he will be totally out of touch with our illusory reality.

the show must go on…

Many hundred religions and other poli­tical direc­tions too choose from and blend to taste. Also plenty of not so well pre­ser­ved and dis­taste­ful blends for those in need of some­thing, or some­one, to dis­like, to blame, and to fight.

No need to have a personal view on, or opinion about, anything in life, as we can buy ready-made and fully processed views and opinions on every street corner. Many are even given away for “free”, although the price-tag is in most cases just kept out of sight till it is too late to decline and turn away.

All media are literally “full of it” day in and day out, so we do not even have to leave our living­rooms to get our daily doses of utter non­sense from our favorite sources.
They even repeat the same crap week after week, month after month, year after year, in case we missed some. Aren't we lucky

unpleasant reality checks

While the modern man is living in relative comfort, some­one some­where is suf­fer­ing, and dying, in order to feed us and support our illusory lives. Poor souls…
Most of their efforts are lost to modern middle-men, in modern post-pro­duc­tion, and on oh-so modern garbage heaps. But, we rather not think about that since it may lead to a feeling of dis­comfort.

“Out of sight, out of mind”, works wonders for the modern man, and I cannot say I blame him, or myself. After all, we did not come up with these plots, some much more greedy and cynical humans were, and still are, in control of that.

Modern life is illu­sory indeed, and even if we wanted to there is only so much we can do to improve things. A pity so few of us seem to know, or care, about the reality behind these shows we are living in though, as wide-spread aware­ness would make a real difference.

free as a bird

I am literally free as a bird in how I look at the world, being it the illu­sory or the real one. Amazing what can be seen from a higher vantage point, not all of it pleasant.

The modern world doesn't have much to offer but some more or less gilded cages and plenty suffering, but as long as I'm living in it I'm gonna do what serves me best, and con­tinue to speak up against what I regard as wrong. Won't run out of subjects anytime soon.

Makes no difference to me if any­body listens. It is their choice to make, not mine. The day this free­thinker can no longer shape his own thoughts and speak his mind as and when he sees fit, he is most likely dead. It's as simple as that.

Don't forget to have fun…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 05.dec.2017
last rev: 05.dec.2017

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