perpetual crime

on our wonderful planet.

What we call “The Earth” is such a beautiful planet, and it could have been such a joy to live here. How­ever, with the in­creas­ingly more erratic ruling classes constantly forcing more “order” down our throats for all the wrong reasons, there is neither much space left to roam nor much joy in being around.

Maybe I have already been around for too long and studied history too deeply. What­ever, nothing much seems to have improved in our socie­ties in the thousand years since the Norse sailed in Viking.
The wrong people set the “order” back then, and the same “recipe for per­pet­u­al destruc­tion” has been applied ever since.

Regardless of whether it is called the “old order”, the “new world order”, or given totally different names and super­ficial appear­ances, it is all built on fear, false hopes and damn lies, and the entire burden is carried by slaves.

It doesn't matter what colors the various flags and banners are given, as their only purpose is to divide and line people up “orderly” in attack and defense posi­tions against each other. And, one can hardly differ­en­tiate “attack” from “defense” when all involved stand to lose every­thing no matter the outcome “on paper”.

If we were wise we would not par­tic­i­pate in any of it, but too many of us still do and most likely always will. That's why it's so hard to change course, but also so impor­tant that we do.

brutality rules

We cannot hide the fact that quite a few of us would par­tic­i­pate in harming others if given incen­tives and guar­an­tees that we would get away with it. And, nearly all would inflict even deadly harm onto others if put under enough pressure – self-pres­er­va­tion is a strong force that is easily manipulated.

The range of reasons for brutality covers the entire spec­trum, and most are regarded as legal, and even “honor­able”. That's what we get when we let the wrong people set the “order” in big and small. Rewarding the biggest bullies is high on their agenda, as they need them for protection when their own failures come back to haunt them.

Whatever progress one can observe through­out history, is mainly found in improved methods and tech­no­logy by which we can inflict harm onto others. Cannot help but be impressed by the intensity and focus there has been, and is, on turning all progress in any field into ways to do more harm.

That adding more efficient and cruel veapons is no long-term solution for pre­vent­ing arms races and ultimately wars, is a fact.
That some still think it is, is also a fact.

Those who set the “order” don't need wars in order to do harm, as they are quite capable of in­flict­ing more or less deadly harm on the popu­la­tion they are in control of if there are no better targets in their sight.
It is also truly amazing how many non­sens­i­cal and harmful laws, rules and regu­la­tions they can churn out just to keep us all too busy with conforming to their “order” to throw them out of their comfor­table posi­tions.

Of course: if all else fails, then war it is. War is the perfect dis­trac­tion for leaders with failing peace-time agendas, and, with a bit of luck their more local oppo­si­tion gets erad­i­cated in the process.
War is business If there isn't a suitable war on the horizon, then an armed conflict can always be “con­struct­ed” in order to protect the upper classes' business and personal interests. Most wars through­out history have been started that way, and there will be more.

(02.mar.2022) As I perform a light update of the framework behind this article, another war is in progress as Russia has invaded Ukraine. As lives get lost on both sides, and refugees flow into neigh­boring coun­tries in order to stay safe, some­where some­one is sure to be calcu­la­ting on how to make a few pennies on the madness.
History repeats itself…

power always corrupts

It hardly matters how much integrity and goodness people seemed to have before they came to power. Once in posi­tion nearly all end up as mere, or most often de­gene­rated, carbon-copies of those they succeeded.
For a start: those who seek posi­tions are, in general, the most venal and cor­rupt­ible among us. And, all else being equal: the most socio­pathic and mytho­maniac among them tend to win the most influ­en­tial posi­tions, simple because their special al­be­it (to most of us) unde­sir­able traits make them the most believ­able liars of all.

Still wondering why it always is the wrong people who set the “order”? Or, why despite all tech­no­logical advances our societies stagnate and degenerate?
If you cannot come up with some­thing better, you can blame it all on human nature. Poor things … they cannot help it even if they tried, and most of them never will.

One must pity those who actually seek positions with the intent of doing a decent job, and who, against all odds, keep on trying. Most pity that they are so very, very few and far between.
Good thing some of them have succeded through­out history, and thereby shown us that it can be done.

Target and keep focus and constant pressure on those who set the “order”, and force them to do something worth­while while they are in posi­tion. Then, maybe, we can turn things around a little over time, and make them work for us instead of against us for a change – wouldn't that be nice?

dissecting the merry-go-round…

Reading history as long lists of kings, rulers and people in positions, doesn't make much sense – they are always the wrong people to study. Lives (and deaths) of the common people is what is worth studying in depth, as they were the many who were directly affected by the “order” set by the few in their time.

No different at present. What people in positions utter consists mostly of hot air aimed at warm­ing up their own fol­low­ers, and can as such safely be ignored. What effects their “order” have on us all, is all that really matters…
…but you already know that, and more.
Maybe you also know that those who really set the “order” rarely ever speak, or even show up, in public? Clan­des­tine oper­a­tions work best for their agenda.

Don't worry if you skimp on a chapter from the past. History will repeat itself – those who set the “order” will make sure of that as that's how they make a living.
Like being locked inside a perpetual time machine controlled by mad men: we will have to relive all that was wrong in the past, and are expected to accept it. Don't.

To observe and deduce what has been, and is, going on in the world, and write down a few thoughts while being at it, is an alright pass­time activity for the dis­il­lu­sioned.
To those among us who still have dreams about improvements and changes: yes, each and every­one of us can make it happen, by being the improve­ments and changes we want.

I have served my time in work­places, army barracks and what­not, and won't be back for more. There simply isn't enough left of value in that distorted but oh so “orderly” organized merry-go-round world to be worth the effort.
Think I'll just stay here and catch another dream…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 04.oct.2017
last rev: 02.mar.2022

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