dissolve illusions.

The short head­lines above can be trans­lated into some­thing like: “do not believe any­thing you see or are being told by any­one, unless, and until, it is being solidly con­fir­med by your very own obser­va­tions”.

As most issues we are pre­sen­ted with via news chan­nels and other more-or-less author­ita­tively con­trol­led fora, are dis­tor­ted into being less and less about ana­lyz­ing, eval­u­ating and inform­ing in accor­dance with facts, and more and more about trusting those few who are allowed to spread their opinions to us, those public presen­ta­tions and dis­cus­sions we are offered end up being one stupid farce after another. And, unless we are experts on or very familiar with the actual facts our­self, we may not even notice the ongoing dis­tor­tion pro­cesses.

risk of losing touch with reality

Once we have allowed every­thing in life to be reduced to us either being for or against what­ever it is that gets pre­sents to us as “reality”, and the people behind those claims, our ability to indi­vid­u­ally observe, verify, update and expand our know­ledge accord­ingly, has become severely impaired if not lost alto­gether.

Do not let that happen, as nothing can be further from the truth than claims about “facts set in stone” and other “con­sen­sus” utterings. There are very few ever­lasting facts in life – and even those few are ques­tion­able, regard­less of how many who line up in support of claims to that effect.

fact checkers' round­a­bouts…

Officially credited “fact checkers” are hardly ever to be trusted, not even when they do not out­right lie to us. Wait a day or two, or maybe give them a week, and nearly all those care­fully for­mu­lated claims will be proven inaccurate or plain wrong by some­one in the know. Most likely by indi­vid­uals and groups that are far removed from same “fact checkers”, and who do not rely on offi­cial accep­tance and support.

the show must go on

After a few more moon-cycles, not many “fact checker”​-claims will hold water, but by then hardly any of those who bothered to listen to them in the first place will re­mem­ber what was actu­ally said earlier.
At that point in time new variants of whatever sets of con­clu­sions they are instructed to come up with – all too often in total disregard of rele­vant data, can be spread via all avail­able out­lets with minimal risks for back­fires from the general public they are aimed at. And 'round and 'round it goes, estab­lish­ing the ulti­mate illu­sion of “pro­fes­sio­nal fact checking” for those who prefer to believe such a thing exists.

censoring facts…

When all else fails, plain and ugly old censor­ship meth­od­ol­ogy comes handy. Can't have those pesky facts out in the open for every­one to see and evaluate – at least not in what those in charge choose to call “demo­cra­tic socie­ties” for what­ever reason, as some out here may actu­ally think facts matter, and others may complain that their most care­fully craf­ted and highly regarded lies lose out in the pre­sence of actual facts.

Easier to point at excessive cen­sor­ship and control in “known” non-demo­cra­tic states and socie­ties, than to simply admit that all the same types of laws, proce­dures and mecha­nisms for regu­la­ting cen­sor­ship and admin­is­ter­ing control over infor­ma­tion are in place, and are used by, in, and across, all states, enti­ties and com­muni­ca­tion systems in the world.
All pure con­spi­racy theo­ries put forward by people like me of course, until there's a glitch…

keeping secrets makes people feel important

There are so many ways to censor what­ever those in charge want to keep hidden from public eyes, ears, and minds, that they could put most of man­kinds history under lock and key if they wanted to. History has been re­writ­ten many times before.
How much that actually is kept hidden from us at any given time, is any­body's guess and not worth quanti­fying. It is never­the­less too much for comfort.

returning to reality…

One day reality is all we are and will ever be – lucky us. But in the mean time we can at least try to live as active and inde­pen­dent minds, and treat others as such. Life is much more real, satis­fy­ing, and also more fun, for those of us who some­how manage to avoid the many forms for mani­pu­la­tion and mind control that more often than not tend to follow in the slip­streams of censor­ships and author­ita­tive stream­lining of “facts” … especially those “services to man­kind” that get filed in various “for our own good” folders.

I do not feel the need to expand much on the para­graph above, as all who still can read and think for and by them­selves should get the meaning of it as it stands.
The others? What about them? Those who choose to distance them­selves from reality, and who accept being mislead by flawed infor­ma­tion served by ques­tion­able characters, do not seem to want or need any factual know­ledge, help or advices. It is their choice to make.

as a fool on the hill

I always find sorting data and writing about these things a bit com­pli­ca­ted, not to say disturbing to my human senses, as there is too much ice cold monetary-oriented logic, no common sense, and very little if any humane­ness in there. Almost as if AI has taken over the entire game, which to some degree is true of course.
However, as com­put­ers are not inher­ently evil beyond what they have been built and pro­gram­med to “aspire” (the “Intel­li­gence” part) for, one has to con­clude that humans are directly res­pon­sible for all these degrading “services”.
Wonder how many million “fact checking”, “censoring”, and “propaganda” bots that are hard at work today…
… and more so; who released them…

Not easy being a humble tech­no­crat these days…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 21.aug.2021
last rev: 21.aug.2021

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