no progress observed

at upper levels in political circles.

While Ukraineans defend their country (and the rest of Europe) against Putin's “special military operation”, poli­ti­cians in the western world keep on messing around with “unprec­e­dented climate changes”, “renew­able energy”, and all else they can come up with to destroy every­thing that still works well in the slightly more peace­ful parts of the world.

They may have succeeded in blocking most beings with working brains from entering and dis­turb the peace in their own, exclusive, circles, but they will never succeed in con­trol­ling us or keep us silent. Neither will they succeed in con­trol­ling nature, no matter how hard they pretend to have that ability.
The climate will keep on changing as it has always done, s.c. “renew­ables” will fail to deliver when they are needed the most, and people will ignore or find ways to work around poli­ti­cally founded obsta­cles … as they always have had to in order for humanity to survive.

That sheep will always be sheep and listen to the voices of their leaders/​herders, may lull the most degene­ra­ted poli­ti­cians and other bottom feeders into a dream­like state regarding their control of “their own” popu­la­tions.
Sheep can be unpre­dict­able though, and may simply quit listening to their herders because they sense wolves in their sur­round­ings. Once they all start running in the “wrong” direc­tions in large flocks, not even the uni­for­med dogs may be able to turn them onto the “right” paths.

These are scary “games” to play, initiated and lead by a few mad men who basic­ally rule by scaring the shit out of their followers and oppo­nents alike. Fear rules all in their domains.

inevitable regress…

examples of 'players' As the various players in this tragi­comic game of deadly wars and equally deadly peace, present and execute their various “solutions” to real and entirely imagi­nary problems of their own making, some­what sane onlookers may be excused for thinking that all their elected and non-elected leaders have passed over from governing kakisto­cra­cies, into total and (almost) irre­ver­sible lunacy. BTW: is “lunacy” a mental dis­order, a way of governing, or is it both?

Once the lunatics and their many mindless and/​or insane followers have taken over large enough parts of the world, we will have a new norm – a new world order – in which real, sane, humans will have no say on their indi­vid­ual free­dom, well­being, or future – a dysto­pian society.

May take quite a while to get back to sanity from that, if humanity will ever manage. Question is if the majority even know what they are about to lose?
I am for resistance all the way and in every way possible, and then some…

something for the history books?

Nah, nothing much worth writing down any­where, as what we see is just another turn of the “history repeats itself” wheel. I have lost count of the many absurd inter­mez­zos through­out human history, that so far have lead nowhere but to more and even worse rounds of destruction.

Future historians – in case anybody survives – will once again have problems figuring out why so many could allow so few to steer the world to, and over, the edge, again and again, before starting all over down the same roads of self-destruction.

Maybe humanity is doomed to fail as a species, and is determined to make sure that nothing should be left but bacterias and viruses when they go? They sure are doing a hell of a job at getting there, by allowing the worst of their kind to lead the way.

technocrats' playground?

Greenwashing of types of energy produc­tions and other tech­no­lo­gies that – CO2 aside – are any­thing but “green”, only because use of these tech­no­lo­gies suit busi­ness leaders' bank accounts and poli­ti­cians' agendas at the time, reveals how far wish­ful thinking and poli­ti­cal speeches are from reality. Poli­ti­cians say one thing and promote the exact opposite, while blaming every­one else for “not being green enough”. What a joke, and a harm­ful one at that.

That few poli­ti­cians know back from forth of any tech­no­lo­gies, make them easy to fool, or bribe, into sup­port­ing and pro­mot­ing even the most stupid and/​or impos­sible tech­no­lo­gical schemes. Not so among those of us who have spent a life­time in these fields, as we pretty quickly recognise when things do not add up and people of all ages and pro­fes­sions make complete fools of them­selves by pro­mot­ing nonsense.

So we have this absurd situa­tion that big busi­ness leaders and tech­no­crats govern overall poli­tics, and poli­ti­cians like to pretend they govern the rest of us. A recipe for disaster for all but the very rich and their favorite helpers, and it is likely to continue this way until there is nothing left to exploit and every­thing of value in the world is destroyed and laid waste.

balanced use of tech­no­logy…

Technology is neither good nor bad in and of itself, but its uses and misuses reflect those who are in control of it. So never mind the tech­no­logy. Mind those who control and profit the most from use of tech­no­logy in its various forms across all areas, as they define its quality and useful­ness, and lack of same, for the public.

As life-long tech­no­crat myself, I am open to all sorts of new and improved ideas. At the same time I am scep­tical to all uses of tech­no­logy that happens to be pro­moted by poli­ti­cians and/​or busi­ness people that stand to cash in on it, as neither have shown much in the way of ability and interest in making tech­no­logy of any kind serve the common man in their societies.

I simply do not trust any of the before mentioned crea­tures to pro­mote any­thing that is use­ful for any­one but them­selves, and nothing any of them have said or done more recently has done much to change my mind – rather the opposite.

While I pick and choose among products, com­po­nents and ideas for tech­nical solu­tions to local problems and issues that are not best solved with manual labor (free gym­nas­tics), I make sure the various “packages” are under local control, and cannot be hijacked or in need of costly “main­ten­ance” deals.
“Smart tech­no­logy” trans­lates to “immature and vulner­able tech­no­logy” in my book, regard­less of how well it may work, if and when it works. (FYI: I'm a retired mecha­tronic auto­ma­tion tech.)

I see no need to parti­ci­pate in races for “the latest and greatest” of any­thing in tech, or in any other field for that matter. Tried and tested beats most new stuff and solu­tions every­where anyway.
Same as I see no point in sup­port­ing poli­ti­cized hypes and “guide­lines”, as they are neither here nor there most of the time if you bother to check. Compulsive liars most of them, and only worth our atten­tion when they go over­board and need to be reined in or thrown out.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 29.mar.2022
last rev: 24.apr.2022

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