no faith or reason

and no need.

One can not help but feeling sorry for the many who struggle to find enough tasks to fill their lives with, and then struggle even more to find enough energy and hours in the day to get them all done. Beyond the very basics for sustaining life and health, and taking care of each other and our places on Earth, what is it all for?

Just in case anyone wonders… The importance of every­thing in life, is highly over­rated. So relax, and quit wasting time pretending.

Life is so much easier when we do not give a damn about what's going on any­where but where we are right now. The world in not enough anyway.
The above may sound a bit harsh, but more people would live better lives if others simply stayed out of spheres and matters that were not theirs to be involved in. Most people do fine when left alone, unless they actually ask for our involvment – on their premises.

material­istic­ally yours for life

Most of what we humans spend our precious time and short lives on, serves no useful purposes. It is just what most humans are made to believe that we have to waste time on, so we can earn some­thing called “money”, that we need to pay others a whole lot of – preferrable via banks and similar “insti­tu­tions” and always with added interests, taxes and other expenses – in order to acquire as much as possible of the (for the most part) not very useful products and services others put on the market in order to make money to buy similarly use­less stuff … and so on and so forth till king­dom (or what­ever) come.

And the less useful those pro­ducts and services we are being told to buy in reality are, the more we are made to believe that we just have to spend money we do not yet have on buying them – it is like a disease with no antidote.
This depressing, depriving and circular rat-race, con­trol­led by laws and pseudo-tradi­tions made up by people who stay well above the race itself, skim the cream at every turn, and complain about the fat-content.

Most sad and depressing is the fact that most commoners seem to actually believe in the rat-race as it has been pre­sen­ted to them from kinder­garten days onward, or behave as if they do, and look down on those of us who avoided that faith. What an awful waste of other­wise poten­tially sound minds, since nobody who matters could care less what commoners believe in, or not, as long as they play nicely along and don't insist on thinking for them­selves – or at least are smart enough to keep silent about that last part.

aim for smooth sailing

Whichever way the wind blows at any given time, sailing a few degrees off downwind always provides the smoothest and most stable sailing experience. Same with life, as without those charts, plans and direc­tions we are being told by others to follow, life itself may take us places we did not even know existed, and we may lower sail and drop anchor when­ever and wher­ever we like. Guaranteed to be way more interesting than any pre­plan­ned journey through life.

The only time it makes real sense to turn up against the wind, is when a heavy storm is coming our way. If we cannot outsail strong winds and high waves, our best chance of survival is to face the weather and ride it out. Again, that is the same in all life's situations, and it can test us up to, and beyond, breaking-point at times. Better to have given it all we got and failed when the going gets too tough, than to give up before­hand and stand no chance of success.

Those who have succeeded in all they have encoun­tered in life, may not have been through much. No big deal really, as life does not have to have been extraor­di­narily tough and chal­leng­ing in order to be deemed good and suc­cess­ful once it is over. And who is to say what “suc­cess” is all about anyway?
All I know is that when it is over, it is really over. No time left regard­less of how busy we were and many plans we had, and not a single one of the measures humans value life by matters anymore.
What matters from then on is anybody's guess based on faith and/​or reason, and by then neither of us need to worry about any of that stuff anyway. What a relief that will be.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 19.jun.2021
last rev: 21.jun.2021

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