… of a lifetime – #3
being together is definitely better

Some memories belong in the private sphere, while some deserve to be shared with others.
Memories are obviously best shared while the ones who release them are on this earth, so here follows a selection of Georg and Gunlaug's combined memories.

from 1995 onwards

at a party…

Picture taken the year we met. I cannot claim to be the most socially oriented person on earth, but with this girl at my side I am feeling fine anywhere.
Gunlaug and I like it quiet, and usually prefer staying at home over going to parties and such. Always excep­tions though…

clearing forest…

Hand the girl a chain-saw, and she will be happy all day long – literally. She always made sure there was more than enough firewood at hand to last through the longest and coldest of winters. Still does.
Plenty enough woodland on Gunlaug's farm to keep her happy, but on this picture taken early 1996 she is clearing someone else's “forest” – mine (at the time).

pushing bits and bytes…

I on the other hand am more into mecha­tronic prototyping, and that didn't really change much when I met Gunlaug.
The lady even let me set up my own work­shop in a farm building, where I can “seek refuge” to develop and build my own electronic circuits.
Over the years I have turned more towards having software program­ming and web design as main hobbies.
These “soft” hobbies have become my form for knitting, and are easy to combine with full-scale farming and light gardening – or light farming and full-scale gardening as it has turned into lately.
Live music is another hobby I spend more and more time on as I come of age. Especially playing the steel guitar sooths my soul like nothing else.

…living on a hill-farm…

our homeshort note in the forest-sheltered fields up in the hills. Far enough from nearest neighbors not to be bothered, and close enough to walk when visiting – half a kilo­meter or so.
Nearest town is within five minutes driving-distance. Perfect!

Gunlaug's farm with its uneven fields, slopes and wooded hills, is best suited for pasturing. Thus, keeping dairy cows on pasture all year long – even during the most snowy winters – is how we have been farming since a few years after I arrived and until recently.

Gunlaug and I have been shaping our sur­round­ings to our taste all along, and will continue to shape, plant, build and renovate for as long as we are able to enjoy it.
The wider area we live in is called Hageland (literally meaning: “Garden Country”), which indicates that nature does not need much help from us in order to look attractive. We never­the­less like to add our own touches to it, in the form of several large and small patches of cultivated garden.

Designing with outdoor lighting is both fun and useful. Numerous light sources are strategi­cally placed around buildings and along farm roads, making moving around to enjoy the various views almost as easy at nighttime as in broad daylight.
More “enlightenment” to enter our farm in the years to come, both on and off the grid…

gunlaug and a dog named amigo

A golden retriever named Amigo was Gunlaug's best friend for many, many years…
…and I too got to know and appreciate this gentle creature.
Amigo and I were around the same girl for years, and he loved her for life in his own unique way … R.I.P. Amigo.


The above story was written and released on the web in spring 2014, as extension to another story. In the autumn of 2016 I decided to expand, split up and release the story as free-standing articles, of which this is the third part.

As with all such “never­ending” stories, additional details are flowing in at an uneven phase. Revisions will be made as/when I get around to it.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.may.2014
last rev: 30.oct.2016

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