of a lifetime – #2
Georg Sørtun

Some memories belong in the private sphere, while some deserve to be shared with others.
Memories are obviously best shared while the ones who release them are on this earth, so here follows a selection of Georg's memories.

all us children together…

Picture of us six kids in the Sørtun family, taken alongside our house at Sørtun, Lille Fauskanger, Askøy, at the West Coast of Norway. I'm the youngest (and cutest), and I was maybe two to three months old when this picture was taken in the summer of 1953.
For obvious reasons I cannot remember that far back, but my eldest sister is seventeen years older than me and remembers it all well.

mom and dad on their wedding day…

Anna (Annemor) + Harald Johan
The wedding day was good, they told me, but bad days followed for a hard working fisherman and his equally hard working wife.
Their first-born lived only for hours, just long enough to be baptized – Harald H. Fausk­anger. Then another one did not make it full term.
Tough on a young couple…

the Sørtun family…

Anna, Aud, Harald,
Margot, Per,
Hildbjørg, Georg, Jarl

Me in front, at about five years of age, with my white cat of same age on my lap. Picture taken at Sørtun, Lille Fausk­anger, Askøy, Norway.

on vacation in the mountains…

Think I was maybe about nine on this picture, on an old bridge crossing a river in Modalen. My eldest sister married and settled there when I was seven.
I spent many a summer vacation in Modalen, climbing the more than thousand meter high mountains in the area. There I learned lots about life, and also how to farm in steep and challenging landscapes. Neither of which has hurt in later years.
Good memories all 'round…

my confirmation day…

On right I am 14 years old, standing between my mom and dad on this important day.
Pictured in front of our home at Sørtun, Lille Fausk­anger, Askøy, Norway, where I was born and grew up, and have my family-name from.

Picture on left shows our house in the dis­tance – baded in the morning sun above all others in the area. A really nice place to live back in those days. These days … not so much, but that's another story.

I was scout-leader once…

In addition to all else I involved myself in after moving to Lyngdal, Vest-Agder in 1986, scouting was particularly interesting.
My engagement ended when I had moved in with Gunlaug, as the traveling distance became too long.


The above story was written and released on the web in spring 2014, as extension to another story. In the autumn of 2016 I decided to expand, split up and release the story as free-standing articles, of which this is the second part.

As with all such “never­ending” stories, additional details are flowing in at an uneven phase. Revisions will be made as/when I get around to it.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.may.2014
last rev: 30.oct.2016

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