of a lifetime – #1
Gunlaug Solås

Some memories belong in the private sphere, while some deserve to be shared with others.
Memories are obviously best shared while the ones who release them are on this earth, so here follows a selection of Gunlaug's memories.

once upon a time…

Gudrun, Gunlaug, Arne

Gunlaug with her mom and dad. She was about 16 months old when this picture was taken, with her on daddy's arm, in a field of wild flowers at Solås, Holum, in Southern Norway.

On right is the first picture of Gunlaug, when she was a few weeks old. Picture quality is not bad for being taken with a 1950 camera under far from ideal light-conditions.

a little earlier…

Gudrun and Arne Solås on their wedding day…
Nobody seem­ed to know this wed­ding picture existed, but here it is.

a little later…

Gunlaug is the eldest of the two Solås children, her brother Torstein being three years younger.

four generations together…

Gunlaug pictured with her mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
Anna Severine Matea, Gudrun,

Gunlaug was probably about a year and a half old on this unique picture, taken at Valleheia, Lindesnes, Southern Norway.

Two pictures of Gunlaug at two to two-and-a-half years of age. On the left she is staging up for the photo­grapher – her mom, and on the right picture she is playing with her mom's laundry baskets alongside the hen­house.

And then at about three-and-a-half, she is showing off her favorite doll at the time – the homemade one she called “Rerara” (which in a kid's language probably meant “the funny one”).
These early pictures of Gunlaug are all taken at a place called Goksem along County Road(FV)404, Lindesnes, Southern Norway, where she was born and spent her early years.
For the record: Gunlaug picked these pictures herself, from her newly digitized photo album.

growing up…

Gunlaug thinks she was 16 years old when this picture was taken at the old road right outside her home at Jordet, Hageland, Holum, Southern Norway.
Jordet (literally meaning: “the field”) is the name of the farm/area her parents settled on when she was about eight years old. Gunlaug's mother inherited it, and her parents ran the farm until Gunlaug took over back in the late 70s.
Gunlaug and I are still living on this farm today, and the old, now private, road is passing at the back of our house.
The house seen in its almost one hundred year old form and style, in picture on right. Picture taken in the 60s, and style has been changed a time or two since then.


The above story was written and released on the web in spring 2014, as extension to another story. In the autumn of 2016 I decided to expand, split up and release the story as free-standing articles, of which this is the first part.

As with all such “never­ending” stories, additional details are flowing in at an uneven phase. Revisions will be made as/when I get around to it.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.may.2014
last rev: 30.oct.2016

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