man­made climate changes:
science or settled(?)

and other contra­dic­tions.

The 'era of global boiling' has arrived, 
says U.N. chief Antonio Guterres We're going to need more superlatives The world's reigning indi­vid­uals, elected and unelected politi­cians, unac­count­able global orga­ni­sa­tions, con­form­ing scien­tists, prefer­red experts, and sub­ser­vi­ent media, are liter­ally running out of ways and super­la­tives to describe the many climate related (and a bunch of other) crises they claim are threat­en­ing life on Earth at present and in the decades and centuries to come.

They do in fact present all they deem bad, in so many ways that all poten­tial and/​or con­tra­dic­ting and impos­sible causes and out­comes are covered several times over from every imagin­able angle.
Their mastery of double­talk is impres­sive…

Leaving nothing to chance like that (just to be on the safe side, I guess), means they end up saying abso­lut­ely nothing but that there are whole series of man­made crises ahead which­ever way we look. (How they have managed to fabri­cate that many “crises” in such a short time, is left out of their presen­ta­tions.)

Come to think of it; if it hadn't been for these dedi­ca­ted buzy­bodies' repeated dooms­day predic­tions, few if any of us would have noticed all the dire situa­tions we are sup­po­sed to be and/​or end up in unless we follow all their advices to the letter…and even more so if we do.
I guess we have no actual, and soon prob­ably not even legal*, options left, but to be nothing but thank­ful for their immense efforts at “guiding” us onto the downward paths they have chosen for us, and (of course) that they explain to us in no uncertain terms why we have to pick up the bills and pay the authori­ties for their many costly, and for the most part metic­u­lously plan­ned, fail­ures along the way.
Exposed to all this; people might almost become reli­gi­ously devoted believers in the new religion: “scientism”, and, too many do…

Now, just imagine for a moment how messy the whole picture would become if the general public caught onto the idea that well known factors like the Milan­ko­vitch cycles*, sun­spot/​solar cycles*, and other such cosmic and inter­plane­tary factors that are entirely outside human control, still are the main drivers of Earth's ever-changing climate with all its regional varia­tions?
What would happen if we all woke up to the fact that human contri­bu­tions – regard­less of how damaging they may be – for the most part are limited to affect the climate on more local levels? For instance by creating heat-islands and other micro­climates (cities, towns, suburbans, etc*), and also create dead-zones (like the Aral sea*) by over-exploit­ing natural resources and pol­lut­ing air, soil, rivers and sea with harmful amounts of chemicals.

Can you imagine how upset the inner circles of the world's leader­ships would be, if/​when the majority of Earth's popu­la­tion got engaged in, and would only support, open, evolv­ing and veri­fi­able scien­tific studies in areas that matter, rather than placing their faith, money, and lives, in polit­i­cally and busi­ness' sanc­ti­oned and “settled” scams?
Now, if you check the numbers; most people in the world choose to ignore what these leader­ships stand for. That in itself may not be the smartest thing to do though, as it would be better to remove them than to ignore them.

CO2 affects global tem­pera­ture…

… but it has not been made clear how much of the on average about 0.02°C/​year rise calcu­lated globally in later decades that comes solely from anthro­po­genic CO2, and what has other causes (see above*).

What we do know for certain how­ever, is that the slowly rising CO2 level has had, and continues to have, a positive greening effect on our Earth.
As global CO2 level have grown past the 0.04% mark (about 420ppm as of year 2023), and its impact on temp­era­ture starts to level off, it already helps us to grow enough food to feed all eigth​+ billions of us…as long as govern­men­tal and distri­but­ing bodies will allow us*.

That the average CO2 satura­tion in the atmos­phere should rather be around the 0.12% mark (1200ppm, or about 3 times today's level) for optimal greening effect, should be no secret. Green­house owners have taken advan­tage of CO2 enrich­ment to promote growth, for a long time.
It may take quite a while to reach optimal CO2 levels on a global scale, but nature is at least off to a good start compared to a century or so ago.

We do of course know that most “climate experts”, and those who pay for their “expertise” even more so, want us to be appalled by the thought of having increased amounts of atmos­pheric CO2. However, if a greener and more fertile Earth bothers these clima­tards all that much, they are perfectly free to quit adding their own shares of this essen­tial plant­food to the environ­ment.
How they go about it is of course entirely up to them­self, and there are no reasons what­so­ever – scien­ti­fic or other­wise – for the rest of us to neither help nor hinder them to achieve such an utter life-unfriendly goal … but only among them­selves.

image text follows image text: "Human CO2 emissions make farming easier. The world is getting greener and more fertile by the day, but climate alarmists dare not talk about it."
artist: Kjell Schevig

Dare I say that I see nothing but positive effects of rising CO2 levels on a global scale? I have said it before, and it is well worth repeating. I am all for a greener and more fertile Earth, and I would not mind adapting to an overall slightly warmer Earth either.
I do not see, nor do I fear, any run-away or “global boiling” effects, and subse­quent crises, caused by increased CO2 ferti­li­zation, man­made and natural*. The actual data* that might indi­cate such crises, simply are not there.

the what­ever crisis is nigh…

Well, it is in the news, so it must be true, doesn't it? No reason for us to believe that the official public media serve us any­thing but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is there?
Right; we have to have that all-im­por­tant faith…

Historic facts that those of us who have lived a while have learned, and even observed some of in person; for example that Earth's global and regional climates have always been in a state of change, with tempera­ture and other weather-affecting factors varying quite a bit over the centuries, also in times with minemal anthro­po­genic input … are of course no longer (poli­ti­cally) correct.
It is all being rewritten to suit the latest agendas made up by both the unelected and the elected polit­i­cal elites, and their servile fol­low­ers, in “the new world”.

Public media do of course (for the most part) have to comply, or else they will not be taken serious by, and receive support from, “the new world” pro­moters and profiteers.

The Earth itself, with its global and regional climate changes and all the other natural pheno­menas, neither seem to pay all that much atten­tion to the various polit­i­cal agendas, nor does it show any real and observ­able signs of complying.
There are how­ever lots of dedi­cated experts whose job it is to explain away and/​or correct** any observ­able devia­tions from the intended out­comes. Thus, it is guaran­teed to look per­fectly aligned in future data-tables and official news reports.

be afraid, be very afraid‥?

Why any some­what sane and indepen­den­tly thinking being on Earth listens to, or follows, those behind the various forms for scare­mon­ger­ing in media, will always be a mystery to those among us with little faith in, and even less fear for, authori­ties.
That is; unless we take hints from the very same history that those who line them­selves up with the new agendas are attempt­ing so hard to hide and erase, to prevent us from learning from it.

What we all can learn from history, is that this is not the first time inten­tio­nal erasing and/​or rewriting of history is attemp­ted, and it won't be the last time either. Would-be leaders from every new genera­tion seem to have a go at it in order to facili­tate and justify their climbs to posi­tions of power, and they pull followers along to cover their backs, pamper their egos, do their dirty work – book-burning and other icono­clastic behavior for instance, and, eventu­ally, share and (maybe) cushion their falls.

Those most vulner­able to being pulled along and getting harmed in these relearn­ing pro­ces­ses, are – as always – the younger gene­ra­tions.
Young people are easiest to scare and indoc­tri­nate, and most willing to soak up new ideas and spread them loudly and uncrit­i­cally. They often act in what appears to be protest against older gene­ra­tions' acti­vi­ties back in time – often so far back that no human alive today was around, without bothering to check why any of the previous gene­ra­tions did what they did and what alter­na­tives they had. Nothing new there…
Thinking things through in depth before accept­ing and acting on them, and check­ing infor­ma­tion and hypoth­eses against empirical evidence, usually are not the youngest kids strongest sides, regard­less of subject. That comes later in life (if at all).

We grown­ups are not shielded from being caught up in, and getting seriously harmed by, the constant down­pour of propa­ganda about climate (and other) crises either.
We may for instance over the years have grown too accus­tomed to take what gets presented as proven​/​true, based solely on the fact that the pre­sen­ters' names and/​or titles they have received or have given them­selves, are among the offici­ally sanc­tioned ones*.
This is a serious weak­ness in man­kind, as our past should have taught us all by now that neither names nor titles or posi­tions, do count for much when it comes to trust­wor­thi­ness. Least of all in fields like politics, religion, science, and econo­mics.
When, if ever, will we learn…

relax, and keep on observing reality…

There (still) is nothing to fear but fear itself, and once that fear is thrown out of the window – after opening it first and (hope­fully) let in some fresh air, we can lean back and col­lect, com­pare and verify data related to each person's subjects of interest, and the una­void­able reali­ties of life.

I, for one, prefer to learn as much of the truth avail­able to me as humanly pos­sible while I can, apply logic, and act accord­ingly. Rather that than having to realize when the end is near, that an entire life has been guided by misunder­stand­ings, fear and lies.
When it is too late, it is too late no matter who and where we are, and what we did or didn't do in life. However, until then I'd rather express my own thoughts and opinions, than what others want me to stand for.

My conclu­sions related to climate, based on avail­able data* as of today:
1) No man­made climate crisis in sight this century. That is: Earth's global and regional climates will keep on changing, more or less as if humans did abso­lutely nothing about the entire issue. Those who do not, or can not, adapt to the many unavoid­able effects of the natur­ally ever-changing climates, risk suffering – same as in our past.
2) Human acti­vi­ties aimed at “preventing” and/​or “counter­acting” climate changes, already have and will continue to cause serious and lasting damage to environ­ments and liveli­hoods, ruin economies, and are behind all “man­made climate emer­gen­cies” reported so far.
2a) Some damage is caused by people who have come to fear man­made climate crises, suffer from climat­osis, and/​or who simply tend to, or choose to, act stupid and irra­tion­ally both as indi­vid­uals and as groups for what­ever reason that happens to be at hand***. For the most part these people are just causing more or less wide­spread irri­ta­tion, but they do distract from important matters by their stupid actions.
2b) Most damage is caused by greed, combined with what appears to be total incom­pe­tence, among profes­sio­nals who aim at taking advan­tage of the many mainly poli­ti­cally planned and executed short­comings.
One area of concern is genera­tion and distri­bu­tion of energy, where the most inef­fi­cient, costly and environ­men­tally damaging solu­tions, by design all too often are chosen*.

3) The amount of money, resources, freedom and lives wasted on the many bogus “stem the global warming” poli­cies over the next decades, will likely be extreme*. Losses being felt first and strongest by the public in the “advanced econo­mies” of the EU and US.
Nothing will be gained, except for what the usual profit­eers, and the smarter among econo­mies out­side the before mentioned zones, manage to extort.

To complete with my very own obser­va­tions over the last few decades: “Don't blame the profes­sions. Blame the people occupy­ing the very profes­sions, and even more so those who instruct, pay and (thereby) control them.

In other words: climate related science has so far not produced veri­fi­able data that indi­cate major climate crises in this century, man­made or other­wise. Maybe it will one day, but so far it has pre­sen­ted nothing** of the sort.
“Climate scientists” and those in charge of them … that's an entirely different matter, where loyalty to cause matters more than authen­tic­ity, and new and recir­cu­lated crisis-pre­dic­tions are served on demand.

Always remember: those you risk being punished for ques­tion­ing or criti­ci­zing, can never, ever, be trusted on any issue.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 29.feb.2024
last rev: 21.mar.2024

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