local elections in september

but what are our options?

So, we are allowed to cast our votes in local elections on Sep­tem­ber 14, and that's nice you know – I like to vote. “What for”, isn't so clear.

Almost everything that matters is decided elsewhere anyway, and what little is left to local poli­tic­ians to decide hasn't resulted in any­thing I person­ally regard as positive, regard­less of who have been in charge over the almost 20 years I have lived in the area.

On municipality level we have a few parties(PDF file) to choose between in the upcoming local election. Many OK people on those party-lists, but no obvious choices when it comes to future poli­tics.
Same lack of obvious choices at county level.

tactical voting

Lack of choices at local levels doesn't keep me from voting – quite the opposite in fact. I am for increased personal and local free­dom – pol­iti­cally and otherwise, and refuse to let myself be distracted by minor issues and political mumbo jumbo.

I am against all pol­iti­cal parties, busi­nesses and indi­viduals that one way or another work for reducing this free­dom, no matter what arguments they present or what they keep quiet about. That settles the “what for” question quite nicely.

Some people argue that all votes not cast for the winning party, in reality are wasted. That's an interesting argument regardless of who it comes from, that may even be somewhat true under a non-demo­cratic govern­mental system like ours.

But, wasting votes on parties that do nothing but damage to what little is left of our freedom and demo­cracy, just because one wants to be on the winning side, is much worse – borders on being sui­cidal according to my history-books.

looking ahead

Who wins and who loses in the short run, isn't important to me – especially in local elect­ions. What I stand for is all that matters to me, and I'm in for the long haul.

Unlike most “profes­sional” players on the pol­iti­cal arena, I know what “freedom and demo­cracy” stand for. Thus, I will never play by their rules.

And that's a promise.

my regards  georg; sign

Hageland 08.aug.2015
last rev: 21.sep.2015

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