limitless greed and corruption

in political circles.

Declaring the obvious, like in the headlines above, is easy enough, but the moment party­lines are removed even the obvious becomes pro­ble­matic for fol­lowers who want excep­tions intro­du­ced for their own favor­ites.
Well, sorry, but party­lines and other arti­fi­cial divides make no differ­ence what­so­ever when greed- and power-hunger take hold. Corrupt and greedy “saints” are just as corrupt and greedy as all the others in poli­ti­cal circ­les.
The archaic saying that…  once piglings have sucked onto tits on the state-sow, keeping at it is all that matters in life  … seems to fit perfectly for loads of politicians.

Discussions around the “legality” of any poli­ti­cal deci­sion, are mean­ing­less when the same people are behind all deci­sions, inclu­ding those defining degree of lega­lity. Why trust occu­pa­tional cri­mi­nals and their hench­men on any matter?

people in charge…

Regardless of what is said about who's in charge, all those non-elected people who work for, with, behind and around poli­ti­cians are of course as much part of the deci­sion making pro­ces­ses as those few, mostly self-elec­ted, front-figures.
These beuro­crats, henchmen, minions, LOCOs – what­ever their indi­vid­ual posi­tions and actions make them, must not be over­looked when we try to see, and grasp, the big poli­ti­cal picture(s).

Non-elected come in their thou­sands com­pared to the small number of elec­ted, and some are far more in con­trol than their job­titles indi­cate.
In addi­tion there are of course people with all think­able and unthink­able forms for rela­tion­ships to members of the wider beuro­cracy and beyond, and even though rela­tions are not sup­posed to open for active influ­encing, you can think for your­self how well border­lines are drawn in practice, to the degree that such lines exist at all.

perspectives … who they work for?

Very few “demo­cra­ti­cally elected” repre­sen­ta­tives for the people, actu­ally work in favor of the people who elected them. They would not dare go against their real masters – big busi­ness – for fear of losing their backing. Thus, most poli­ti­cians lie all the way from before their first self-promotion speeches all the way to their graves, in order to get into and keep positions. Without positions and backing they are nothing.
Once they are gone it does not matter what any­one say about them any­way – not much to gain by blaming the dead, and in the mean time it is common policy to blame all but them­selves and their masters, for all that became too glaringly wrong to pass under the radar.

Support chan­ne­led through to poli­ti­cians who support their favorite deci­sions when and where it matters, works wonders for big busi­ness.
Once poli­ti­cians are in their grasp, big money gets chan­ne­led from the masses towards big busi­ness, the use­ful poli­ti­cians get their share – eco­nomi­cally or other­wise, and the circle is com­plete and closed to out­siders. Can any­one imagine a better deal for big busi­ness, than to have a whole bunch of loyal poli­ti­cians in their pockets?

perspectives … demo­cracy?

In most parts of the world, demo­cracy is reduced to the abso­lute mini­mum the mostly self-ap­poin­ted ruling clas­ses can get away with with­out causing wide­spread riots. And, in many countries even that much demo­cracy is regarded as too much. They rather use uni­formed LO­COs to crush any­thing that looks like it may turn into a dis­tur­bance, than bother to lis­ten to people.

Elections are of course also a nuisance in the eyes of the ruling clas­ses. But, as the people are given pretty limited choices – usually from bad to worse to even worse – these elec­tion-shows are allowed to go on every few years to appease the masses. Whoever they elect from pro­vi­ded lists won't matter much any­way, since all impor­tant elec­tions are done before­hand – when they make the lists.
Anything short of provi­ding truly free elec­tions is done, to make sure the power stays on the “right” hands and the many insti­tu­tion­alised scams are kept going.

political freedom…

Our freedom is delibrately kept pretty limited, both poli­ti­cally and other­wise, despite all nice but empty words in consti­tu­tions and poli­tical speeches. Main reason I can get away with state­ments like the above – at least in my part of the world, is that every­one knows they are true (no need for con­spi­racy theo­ries here).
It has become the norm (again), and few bother to even think twice about why we are allow­ing totally cor­rupt people to build totally cor­rupt govern­ments to be in control of our states and regions – not to mention the entire world.

I am not at all impres­sed over human evo­lu­tion, as what we see all around us re­sem­bles the old “kings and feudalism” systems that most thought we left behind and only stored memories and tales of in history books.

It is all made possible by redefining meaning of words and entire languages, until all that is said and written pub­licly becomes totally mean­ing­less, and what hasn't been said or writ­ten openly any­where is what really matters when lawyers and other un­e­lected beings for­mu­late govern­ments' future agendas.

For how long at least some of us will have the freedom to write arti­cles like mine, is any­body's guess. I am not par­ti­cu­larly opti­mis­tic on behalf of man­kind, as there does not seem to be any cures for these deadly “all about power” and “greed is good” dis­eases, and no working vaccines either.

Be all that as it may. I refuse to let the sorry state of govern­ments and other bad factors in our societies, ruin my day or bring down my very personal state of mind. Life is too short…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 20.apr.2020
last rev: 20.apr.2020

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