natural selection

and the artificial divides.

We have probably all heard the following…
“All men are created equal, but some are (of course) more equal than others”
… and found that no matter how nonsensical it sounds it is nevertheless a perfect description of how our societies are shaped to work.

That it works this way is highly natural. Most groups of somewhat intelligent entities on earth follow the same pattern: the many are ruled and exploited by the few. Some humans in power have only taken the exploitation part so much further that they endanger the entire world.
To use another well-known quote…
“The system is rigged”.
(who could have guessed…)

divide and conquer

The “divide and conquer” game is as old as life itself. A better name for this game may be “monkey business”, as those who initiate and enforce the divides that cause conflicts to erupt, seemingly take no part in and/or carry any responsibility for any of it.

It is always “someone else's fault”, and those in positions are only “pro­tect­ing us”. You don't have to look very deep into the matters to see that they are only focusing on pro­tect­ion for them­selves and their very personal interests.

As every group of ordinary people gets set up against all other groups, they are all pre­des­tined to lose regard­less of how set any of them is on winning. The reason is of course that people are fooled into fighting each other rather than the real enemies – the self-appointed elites in the world.

The spoils of all conflicts go to those who control these games of fraud and illusions, and otherwise stay outside and watch the split-up and destruction of well-established societies unfold. The more chaos the better for the big planners and their servile but greedy front-figures.

talking heads in media

Being it entertainers, media reporters, politicians, religious figures, or other creatures with an agenda, talking heads pop up every­where we turn to tell us what to focus on and who to believe in.

About 99% of what gets released through mainstream media contains nothing of value, and the maybe 1% that does would come through a lot better without the distraction caused by having close-ups of “trust­worthy presenters” in the picture.

The ballance isn't necessarily all that much better in non-official and/or “alternative” media outlets, but at least we get a broader picture when we include more sources. Every little bit helps the savvy and imaginative.

looking for facts?

Those who want to expand their knowledge base, must keep an open mind and actively look for facts every­where, also in the least likely places. Remember that the container does not define the quality of its content.

Prepare to discriminate heavily against the “polished noise” spread through main­stream media, and check up on what they filter out and keep silent about. All the really important information is found in the raw, unfiltered, data.

Now, not everyone can handle the comp­lex­ity of fact-based truth-seeking without taking position – side one way or another. That doesn't have to be much of a problem for us though, unless we insist on discus­sing our finds with others.
Just keep on col­lect­ing and ana­lyz­ing data, and let others seek what­ever they want and reach what­ever conclusions they like on their own – they'll do that anyway.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 03.nov.2016
last rev: 16.nov.2016

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