inadequacy reigns

where sanity is scarce.

And we don't expect improve­ments in the lower circles anytime soon, as few sane Norwegians would want to spend time there.

Of course, as I have already alluded to; sanity – or any other basic human qualities – isn't a requirement in those circles. In fact, the less the better, and none at all seems to serve the leading bottom­feeders' agenda perfectly … a homo­gen­ous mass of nothing­ness that doesn't stir up the layer of mud they live in, and of.

The above, my friends, is a pretty accurate description of the Norwegian governmental bodies as of 2019 for you, and the way it is going it can only get worse in the years to come.
And, not to forget, members of the supporting beurocracy cannot be expected to be any better, although there are exceptions.

divide and sell off

“Divide and promote failure”, is the perfect modus operandi when it comes to bringing what has real value to sane people within reach of the bottom­feeders, so they can chew it into even smaller and, eventually, non-functioning bits that can be sold off as soiled and worth­less scrap to their comrades in organized crime for personal profit.

When there aren't enough crimi­nals in our own country to satisfy the bottom­feeders' need for assis­tance, they invite them from just about every­where in the world, and bribe them hand­somely out of our pockets.
No lack of takers then, obviously, and the bottom­feeders make sure it is all made legal by rewriting the laws to suit their agenda.

Their partners in crime at the head of the European Union are of course of immense help to the locals. EU has after all been in this game since they took over the scene after Hitler's demise, and have plenty training in carving up and destroying all that is good in the world just to gain power and make a profit – without leaving too many corpses to rot in plain view.

corruption at all levels

One doesn't have to dive all the way to the bottom in the system, to benefit from the spoils as the less fortunate get robbed. After all; the less insight one has in a field, the more tempting it is to pretend one is an expert in same field, by ignoring all sensible advices, and by blaming real and imaginary opponents for the unavoid­able failures that follow such strategies.
Leading figures have done it that way since beginning of history, and it tends to work for a while – until everything fails and there are noone outside the leading circles left to push the blame onto. Then the guilty ones get replaced, and some other and equally inadequate bottom­feeders move in to take their place for another round of the same nonsense … and so on and so forth.

The main reason such a strategy based on corrup­tion sprinkled with utter stupidity at all levels tends to work so well for so long, is of course that dissident voices are disal­lowed and curbed with all avail­able means.
Truth and fact-based information sure isn't welcome, when ignorance among the masses makes life so much easier for the leading bottom­feeders and their servile supporters. Not to forget: their masters.

aren't conspiracy theories fun?

A pity facts beat fictions, as it would have been nice to write it all off as this author's free fantasy.
Sorry, no can do, as it is all written in party-programs and other official (and some unofficial) documents. Only charac­teristics of the involved entities are slightly different, as the bottom­feeders, and those who stand with and behind them, tend to charac­terize them­selves as somewhat close to “the new saviors of the earth” or similar – anything but what they really are.

Did I mention that history repeats itself?

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 16.jun.2019
last rev: 30.sep.2021

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