how to create a story

and make big lies fly.

Scare the popu­la­tion a little, and the majority will blindly follow any­one who offers any degree of “sal­va­tion” just to feel a little safer. It really is that simple, and if you don't believe me just read up on our not too dis­tant his­tory and com­pare with what we are pre­sen­ted with today.

They repeat their messages over and over again in all channels, and never let up for fear we may find time to think and object.

“Better safe than sorry” have almost become a reli­gi­ous dogma for large seg­ments of the popu­la­tion, and few question what we are sup­posed to be safe from, why, and how. “Our leaders have spoken“, and that's it on the subjects for too many people.

Spreading tailored propa­ganda isn't a problem in our day and age, and with most of the mass-media under total control by a few, the barrage of repeated and re-repeated messages aimed at the masses (us) is ensured.
Add a solid dose of censorship around it all to keep the publi­cized official stories straight and uncom­pli­cated, and there you have it: history repeats itself with new players.

all are in…

Do not bother looking “left” or “right” in poli­tical circles or further up the ladders for some­one to blame for what­ever you or who­ever else find to be wrong in the world. Such divisions are totally meaning­less.
National examples Those most involved in damaging our societies from the inside, will claim to be on what­ever side and posi­tion that serves them best at any given time, and will not give a damn about such minor issues when that serves them better.
It pays to ignore what any and all of them say, about any issue and in any situa­tion. Instead; watch and weigh them entirely based on the results of their actions, and who stand to benefit the most from what they do or don't.

Vocal diar­rhea, gen­er­ously mixed with ingrown untrust­worthi­ness, is after all what one must expect from people in those circles. Their utterings are just part of the game all would-be local, national and global leaders and their most devoted followers are in on in order to keep up personal appear­ances and to stay in power to further their des­truc­tive work for their own gains.
Any exceptions? Yes, of course, but too few to be statis­ti­cally relevant.

Why people tend to get more and more ego­cen­tric and destruc­tive as they climb up the lad­ders in our socie­ties, is anybody's guess. My guess is that most of them was born with these tenden­cies – statisti­cally about 10% of all humans are, and then they learned how to make the most out of their abi­li­ties to lie for personal gains as they col­lec­ted more and more suc­ces­ses by doing so along the way.

why do we let them lie to us?

Some of us easily get overcome by fear, and will be great­ful that some­one – any­one – offers ways out. The fact that the sources of the fear and the “help” are the same, and that both are (literally) invented and spread by the same people, will be written off as “con­spi­racy theo­ries” and ignored, as the most fearful find it immensely easier to trust the simple lies they are being told daily, than to accept and deal with the complex and hard to grasp truth found right in front of them.

Most of us are simply too busy trying to live “normal” lives (what­ever suits that des­crip­tion), to let us be bothered with whatever the local and global aspiring poli­tical and reli­gious dic­ta­tors impose, as long as it does not hit too close to home.
When it eventually does get too close to be ignored, it is usually to late to do anything about it, and at most the common man may be allowed to silently wonder why he did not pay atten­tion, spoke up, and did some­thing to coun­ter­act all the anthro­po­genic mad­ness at an earlier stage.

Some will always choose to play along with the liars and fear­mongers, often in an attempt to profit a little on those very same lies along the way. That is their right, but quite a few of them may regret deeply later on.
No big deal, as these people most likely master the blame-game as well as any when it starts going down hill. If not; they may just call for lessons from the “experts” that support the various kakis­toc­racies that have them on their paylists as con­sul­tants. I am sure these “experts” will be more than willing to teach a few tricks of the trade, if the price is right.

Lastly we have the many who are simply being overrun by the ruling class of liars and cheaters, and who stand to lose most of what matters to them in life and get nothing of value back for it. Justice is not what it once was, if it has ever been…
These people are not given much of a choice, as the dege­ne­rated bags of shit known as “offi­cial and com­mer­cial leader­ships” just want these trouble­some oppo­nents to planned des­truc­tion to simply be gone in as quickly and quietly a manner as humanly pos­sible so as not to upset the deli­cate ballance the liers and cheaters rule the world by.

the story is being written…

A number of years into the future, all who care to can look back at the history as it is being written right now. It isn't a nice story, and those reading it will wonder how it could be that sensible human beings went along with any of it. I won't be the one telling the story, as I most likely won't be around that long.

No fictions can beat the facts as they are being docu­men­ted by onlookers and those more directly involved, and that is not because there is anything unusual or unique going on. It is all “busi­ness as usual”, but not quite as it is being pre­sen­ted in the media.
Fact is that not much of any­thing is as it gets pre­sen­ted in the com­mer­cial media any­more. We now have all these virtual reality/​comedy shows called “news” and “infor­mation”, that at times can be quite enter­tain­ing, but that never can be con­si­dered to be very real or truth-oriented.
“Transparency” and “fact checking” hardly excist any­where except in name, and a veri­table barrage of worth­less spoken and written words is used to cover up and keep every­thing and every­one in the fog.

Some of the docu­men­tation is kept confi­den­tial because those in charge are afraid that history, and common sense of justice, won't treat them well if the truth gets out in their life­time. Does not matter much though, as most of what has taken place behind closed doors is in the open already, and more is coming day by day.

What can not be hidden is that we are observing some of the most costly and waste­ful mis­sions in peace­time in human history. Combine that with some of the most poorly planned, most inferi­orly founded, and worst exe­cuted opera­tions ever intro­duced by living entities of any kind, and the conclu­sion under normal circum­stances would be that more than one neck deserve to be stretched beyond breaking point.
Sad thing is that of course only the wrong necks will be exposed to today's more poli­ti­cally correct equiva­lents to such a just treat­ment, while those respon­sible for the many disasters will go free and most likely end up being richly rewarded – mainly by their equally disas­trous peers.
What else is not new‥?

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 02.mar.2021
last rev: 03.mar.2021

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