harvesting the wind

or rather: what flying creatures do you want on your electricity bill?

The Norwegian Government, BKW, et al:
'On our watch sea eagles
and Norwegian nature
shall be exterminated'

Not that you have a choice … you will have to pay for the mind­less des­truc­tion no matter what, and so will future gene­ra­tions.

Those who are behind those rotating death-traps are only in it for the money, so don't expect any mercy towards flora, fauna or customers from them.

(04.mar.2022) Those who want to see for them­selves who the owners of the various nature- and community-destroying “wind-farms” around the world are, will find a starting-point for their own searches in this Wind energy market players list.
NOTE: none of the listed are “green” in any rightful meaning of the word, regard­less of any claims any of them may have made to that effect.

destroying nature in Norway … for what?

Preparing for instal­la­tion of tall tur­bines is a chap­ter all by itself, and often at least as damaging to nature as the wind­turbines them­selves. Blasting bedrock and digging out CO2-storing bogs for transport roads and instal­lation spaces, vandalizing natural features and kill or scare off what­ever wild­life that happens to be in an area that is opened up for exploi­tation.

In addition to releasing plenty of the very substance they (wrongly) say there is too much of already – CO2 – in order to get the killing-machines installed, they prevent nature from recovering to balance out the atmospheric mix in the future – when all those wind turbines have failed. In short: it is all wrong.

Once installed, those turbines may at best contribute some unstable energy to the grid, and in reality they cannot replace conven­tional power stations since wind is such an unreli­able source that short- and long-term backups have to be kept on-line to take over at any time. The average wind turbine instal­lation delivers useful amounts of power about 1/4 of the time, which means it is literally “out of action” about 3/4 of the time.

Only hydro and gas powered plants can engage quickly from near zero when wind fails and a larger amount of energy simply disappears from the grid. Therefore, those countries and regions that rely on coal and/or nuclear based electric power will have to keep their conventional power stations running at or near full capacity all the time, regardless of how much potential wind power they have made available. How is that for “efficiency”?

commodity exchanges

I can only guess that most people know that there is no way to direct power across the grid from a specific source to a specific customer. It is all electric energy produced from hydro, coal, nuclear, wind, solar and whatnot fed into the same grid, and drawn and payed for by whoever where needed along that grid. It is a simple question of energy-balance and cable-capacity.

Lots of middlemen involved when the money gathered through these back-and-forth transactions are to be divided, and none of them are environ­men­ta­lists or bothered by truth. They just want our money, anyway possible.

And, note that regardless of the fact that nearly all electric power in Norway gets generated in hydropower stations, Norway cannot act as a “battery for Europe”. Electricity production in Norway is sufficient to meet our own needs most years, and not much more.

What is offered as “Green Norwegian Energy” on the European market, is mainly a fraud not even worth the paper (or digital media) those “Green Energy” guaran­tees / cer­tifi­cates are written on. Same dirty mix of sources behind the energy whether one pays for “guaran­tees” or not.

Building s.c. “windparks” in Norway won't improve on any of the above, as wind is as unreliable a power source here in Norway as any­where else in the world. All that those “parks” can achieve is to destabilize the grid a little more than it already is, and put more of our money in the wrong pockets in the process.

basic knowledge over gullibility

One can be scared by reflecting on what kind of lies people may believe in and get caught on. Even more scary that so many will hang on and pay for the frauds even after they have been informed, much like many still hang onto the CO2 scare … better not exhale

Be that as it may; a professional life in electro – more than half a decade of that involved in hydropower projects in the Norwegian mountains, has provided me with the knowledge I need to form qualified opinions on the technical levels. Not that much knowledge is needed to grasp what utter nonsense nearly all arguments in favor of “windparks” anywhere are based on.

The murky political, economical and business practices surrounding the building of “windparks”, is – by choice – not something I'd want to waste much time and energy on. The whole, deadly charade is simply too insane to dwell on for sane thinking beings. Windturbines are killing 
the 'protected' eagle owls

Presenting my own views on the mat­ters at hand, based on facts and obser­va­tions up to present time, will have to do … for now.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 28.may.2019
last rev: 04.mar.2022

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