gone fishing

or some­thing of that nature.

What to tell people when you're comfortable sorting out matters of interest in your own mind, and don't want to be disturbed – on or off line? Well, “gone fishing” sounds as good as any other excuse one can come up with to be left in peace, so why not.

Solitude works wonders when I want to focus on fact-checking and logical thinking, and there isn't much else worth any real effort these days – if there ever was. Others may see things differently, but that's not for me to sort out and/or challenge.

endless talk–talk–talk…

Whether it's politicians, or more ordinary people, some kind of addiction must have taken hold. Everybody wants to be heard, but few wants to listen to anything but echos (of confirmation) of what they themselves just said or wanted to say.

Not that all that many really know what what they just said means anyway, as most of what comes out is just more or less eloquently delivered packages of words with little to no backing by verifiable facts. Makes for interesting “discussions” about “serious matters” in various media, as the facts that really matter are covered up and blocked out.

We can all take part in this game if we like – up front and via “social” media. Question is if it makes any sense to do so, or if it is smarter to overlook all noises in the various echo-chambers and do ones own fact-checking.
Guess the answer to that depends greatly on what position one is in – or wants to be in – in a society.

yeah … gone fishing … seriously…

After a quiet and peaceful day fishing for facts and drawing intermediate conclusions, I can look forward to another such day tomorrow, and, if still alive and well, another one after that, and so on. My kind of life…

I have the same equipment, and bate, at my disposal as everyone else, but the type of “fish” I catch may vary more and so may my conclusions. Won't know for sure until I have sorted it all out, which may actually take a while.

I won't have to worry about ever running out of “fish to fry”, as, unlike what's swim­ming around in our rivers and seas, what I'm after is multi­plying day by day.
There's no end…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 31.jul.2017
last rev: 06.aug.2017

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