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to “wherever” and beyond.

However diversified your interests are at the moment, you will always find some­one or some­thing to follow, and some­where to follow them. Also no lack of invites to follow, like and/​or join who­ever and what­ever, and reasons why you should do so.

Same thing the other way in case you want or need some­one to follow, like and/​or join you in what­ever it is you are doing or not doing. There will always be some­one some­where who will do just that, on one or more of the growing number of online social media plat­forms that exist purely for the purpose of allowing people and busi­nes­ses to establish such connections.

As mentioned elsewhere: social media plat­forms are poten­ti­ally useful, and what­ever else they can be depends entirely on the indi­vi­dual user.
I do for instance find social media interesting subjects to write about, as they repre­sent, contain and mirror all that is good, bad and ugly in our socie­ties and beyond.
There is simply no end to what can inspire or disgust us on social media these days, and it keeps on growing better and worse literally by the hour.

personal preferences dictate

The individual poster and commenter leaves loads of infor­ma­tion behind on social media platforms, and whether they like it or not all that infor­ma­tion can be picked up and used by more than the targeted audience and ad-algorithm owners. We are all used to all that stuff by now, so I guess few worry, or even think, about that side of our social online activity.

always keep in mind…

Lack of awareness may leave users of social media wide open to fraud. Losing money, control of ones own online and/​or bank accounts, personal infor­ma­tion, important data, etc., is anything but fun, but that may only be the start of the problems a moment of thought­less­ness may lead to. Better to be a little hesitant and care­ful, and think of every­one as potential fraudsters, and all options and links as unsecure and potential traps, than to find out when things start crashing that one has been taken for a fool and exploited in the worst ways.

Choosing the right soft­ware solu­tions, service providers, and online plat­forms, is essential for optimal online security. However, no degree of technical security will keep gul­li­ble users safe from fraud. The indi­vid­ual user will always be the weakest link in any security chain, and one better become aware of that fact before it is too late.

Good thing then, that we who use social media some­what regularly and for any­thing but fraudulent acti­vi­ties, can get what we want out of the various plat­forms with­out running much of a risk, simply by util­izing a few more of those gray cells we all are equipped with from birth. If only every­thing in life were that simple…

in all seriousness…

I am more into taking the pulse of whole groups of social media users and compare what I see in one group to that of other groups, and have limited interest in what indi­viduals are doing online. Opinions are sorted, weighed, and wrapped up in bundles well sepa­rated from what comes out of fact checking, and reduced to con­clu­sions that are easily stored for later use.
Only friends and family get my undivided atten­tion on the spot, and in that I do not think I am much different from most other “interweb” users.

With the bit of insight I can gather from social media, combined with that of other online and offline sources, I feel that my overview of the world is complete enough to add as part of my infor­ma­tion bank used as basis for making sane decisions regarding my own role(s) in it all.

Think of it as; what this member of the human race at any given time is deciding to do with his life, will in some small part depend on how well he inter­prets what the other eight billion are thinking and doing. And, he may be wrong about some, or all of it, his entire life.
Quite satisfying to know in many ways, and not so much in others. Life can be quite complex both on and off line, but so what…

have a break…

If you think I am analyzing too much – especially when it comes to totally unim­por­tant mat­ters, I may add that for a born techno­crat like me that simply is a tiny “flaw” that cannot be helped. Does not hurt either, so I just let it pass as some­thing natural – some­thing in my DNA that I do not need to undergo experi­mental gene therapy for.
Besides, this tiny “flaw” keeps me from getting bored to death when allowing myself to be exposed to much of the stuff spread via social and (even more) through other, more offi­cial and narrow-minded, media.

Anyway, I am about to finish all that for now, before focusing mind, soul and body onto some­thing else altogether for a little while. Got some cows to feed, and we all sure could gain from being in contact with intel­li­gent beings more often, and not just soak up and repeat what we are being fed via mass media and/​or other “mind­less re­peat­ers” of same.

Conclusion: mind who, and not least how and why you follow the “object”, on and off social media plat­forms. Conscious choices make life so much easier.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.may.2021
last rev: 07.may.2021

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