fact-check the fact checkers

or risk falling for their illusions.

Fairy tales can be fun, but have you ever had the feeling that we are living inside such a story, and that it slowly but steadily is being turned into a night­mare? Well, then you may – inten­tion­ally or acci­den­tally – have managed to look past some of the illu­sionists and their artistry, and should act ac­cord­ingly.

Let us not forget the many who inten­tion­ally weigh what they serve to the public in favor of their own and/​or their employers' views and interests.
Those who claim to own the facts they measure every­thing against, are also the least trustworthy.
Most profes­sio­nal fact checkers seem to fall into this cate­gory, and what­ever they bring to the table should be double- and tripple-checked. Alter­na­tively they can be com­ple­tely ignored from the very begining, if that suits us better.

Keeping ones very own “facto­meter” up to par, may require some effort on part of the indi­vid­ual. However, being alert is better than waking up from ones pleasant dreams one day and find that nothing in the real world is what one has been told all along that it is and/or will become, and knowing that those who will be paying for the ongoing mad­ness are not those who ini­ti­ated it.
Clearly, even the most “reli­able sources” are any­thing but infal­lible, regard­less of what fields they are in, and who, or what, they side with or against.

To trust people can be a nice trait and is well adviced, but being gullible is not. The old rule of thumb still goes…“if it sounds too good to be true, it prob­a­bly is” … and remember; better safe than sorry.”

never mind who they are

When a human have figured out that there can be advantages in twisting and bending facts, the majority will allow them­selves to do so when­ever they see fit and dare to for fear of getting caught and pun­ished. It is human nature to try to get an edge over others any­way they can, and only a very small minority will never fall into the “lying to gain” trap. This is why one can never tell who can be ex­pect­ed to present the next (how­ever big or small) lie or twisted story to us, as it can be any­one, in­clud­ing oneself.

Another small but very dominant minority do not care about con­se­quen­ces – espe­ci­ally not any that will hurt others. They will continue to twist and turn facts into the unre­cog­niz­able, and tell lies about any­thing and every­thing, even when there is nothing to gain but the fun of being good at fooling others and getting away with blaming others for it.
Among these are the “alter­na­tive facts” crea­tors, or crea­tures, that we all should look out for. There can only be one truth.

We do of course also have those who are short selling busi­nes­ses, commu­ni­ties, and entire popu­la­tions, in the “don't care about con­se­quen­ces to others” group, turning entire na­tions from pros­per­ity into debt-rid­den quag­mires for personal gain. Just look around…

The above should tell you that who they happen to be, and what status they have in our soci­eties at any given time, does not matter one iota. Good people are good people no matter what, and bad people … well, you get the idea.
By checking for the real facts, and the truth behind them, you'll know what to do, or not, what­ever any of them happens to do or say.

The rising number of fact checkers seen today, is a clear sign that the spread of truth is reaching dangerously high levels. Important for those in control of the various entities (nations, regions, insti­tu­tions), to have the failing illu­sions by which they rule rebuilt and/​or repaired, before too large seg­ments of “the unwashed mas­ses” (us ordi­nary people) notice the cracks where the truth shines through, and get too un­con­fused and un­ruly.

be the judge of that

Judges and courts of law may (at times) be appro­pri­ate for eval­uat­ing actions ac­cord­ing to law. Beyond that those insti­tu­tions, as a general rule, are not worth much, and history has shown again and again that they most cer­tainly can not, and will not, remedy what we are being pre­sen­ted with by the mainly clue­less and/​or law­less fact-servers and -checkers who work for those highly unde­mo­cra­tic forces who make sure to stay far above the rules and laws they have intro­duced in order to con­trol “their” population.

Life in the ruling classes becomes so much easier when we commoners are given the simple choice of either letting our­selves be fully con­trol­led and only allowed to know and accept “facts” sanc­tioned by the author­ities, or be accused of breaking unjust rules and laws and risk ending up before the before mentioned and equally unjust courts.
This is of course just a round­a­bout way to say that we are dealing with crooks, in case you were in any doubt after reading this far.

quote “The general population doesn't know what's happening, & it doesn't even know that it doesn't know.”
— Noam Chomsky
Those who are inter­ested in knowing the truth – or any­thing else that mat­ters for that mat­ter, will have to look it up them­selves and figure out what to do about the parts they don't like.
Do not expect any help from those behind all the mis­in­for­ma­tion, pro­pa­ganda and empty stuff we are being fed day in and day out. They are busy covering up for their sus­pect roles sur­round­ing poli­cies behind what has been served up till now, and pre­par­ing for the release of more of the same.

Am I thinking about any­thing or any­one in par­ti­cular when writing this? Maybe, but to avoid getting hung up in details I am only writing down some of what a life­time of expe­ri­ence and obser­va­tions have put on my mind. Older people do that some­times, for what­ever reason.
If nothing else, age and experi­ence are as good excuses as any for bab­bling away via a laptop, as if I ever needed excuses…

I can not, and will not, provide any advices when it comes to what any­one should think about any­thing, only that serious thinking is the smarter act.
Inde­pen­dent, thor­ough con­tem­pla­tion, will always serve us better than quick and mind­less absorp­tion and accep­tance of what we are being served by others – espe­ci­ally by those who take the roles as aut­hor­ities. And that will be true no matter what is being cooked up for our dishes.

May be time to find a quiet place, look in the general direc­tion of the stars instead of at the TV and smart­phone screens for a few min­utes … or more, and just think things over all by one­self while there still is time‥?

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 02.dec.2020
last rev: 02.apr.2021

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