empty top

or the kakistocratic reality.

In Norway we have a fitting expression: “tomskalle”, for a person who does not show signs of having, or at least not of using, a brain. In the English language(s) “empty skull” or “empty top” may be suit­a­ble expres­sions with some­what similar meaning. Note that I try hard to avoid using more accurate but what some may regard as poli­ti­cally incor­rect word­ings, for de­scrib­ing this sad con­dition.

Our Norwegian prime minister at present (caricatured in the image above), is probably no worse than elected and non-elected front­figures in other countries and governed entities in this respect, and no worse than our national alterna­tives to that position either. That does of course not say anything par­ticu­larly positive about the state of national and world-wide leader­ships, but is worth mentioning in order to get the big picture of same. We are in effect being lead by some of the least capable people available anywhere … the very definition of “kakistocracy”.

No lack of candi­dates to fill party lists leading up to election days in my country, as the basics for positions in and around the national governing circles here in Norway are very simple: “habi­tual liars, cheaters and petty thieves, with the ability to for­mu­late and express empty but good-sounding and politi­cally cor­rect state­ments, are much preferred.
Other than that they just have to show support for party policies – to the degree that there are any, repeat official talking points when called for, and not rock the boat too much
”. Again, no worse here than anywhere else in the world.

Problem for indig­nant and disil­lu­sioned voters in “demo­cra­cies” every­where, is of course that it is near impos­sible to find quali­fied and elect­able people with both func­tioning brains and ethical senses, with appe­tite for taking on those dys­func­tional circles that make up gov­ern­ments all over our planet.
Few potential candi­dates will find working in such degene­ra­tive environ­ments attrac­tive, and run the risk of being treated as “enemies of the states” by ingrown career poli­ti­cians and bur­eau­crats who cling together in defence against all out­siders who refuse to become assi­mi­lated into these mainly corrupt and border­line criminal poli­tical circles. Recycled poli­ti­cians do not lead to growth…
… not here, not anywhere.

the norm rather than the exception

As alluded to above; partial or complete kakisto­cratic leader­ships are, always have been, and most likely always will be, more the norm than the excep­tion when it comes to govern­ments all around the world, regard­less of what “names” they use to describe their forms of governments.

Once in a while their s.c. “governing” turns out such bad results that even the kakisto­crats them­self notice and pretend to intro­duce correc­tions. Most of the time they seem to have their focus any­where but at what their governing leads to though, as if none of it is their busi­ness.

As we all may have noticed; the earth keeps on turning same as always, regard­less of these more or less use­less and often very des­truc­tive crea­tures who make up the world's leader­ships.
Good that there still are a few things the kakisto­crats and their masters can not easily destroy, or else all life on earth would have been eradi­cated by now. God knows they've tried…

never mind party lines

Having one, two, or a dozen political parties in a country, rarely ever makes any real diffe­rence no matter how their power in numbers is distri­buted through­out the governing bodies. It all comes down to the individual players, and distri­bu­tion of domi­nance and sub­mis­sion between them – a power game across all real and arti­fi­cial lines.

Political parties are constructed because it is found to be much easier to identify one­self as member of one or another group that, supposedly, stands for some­thing, than to stand alone for some­thing/​any­thing without that more-or-less oblig­a­tory backing groups provide.
In Norway; being member of a poli­tical party also makes it per­fectly legal to lie and cheat end­lessly in order to win votes and there­by seats in natio­nal gov­ern­ing bodies. One only has to pay atten­tion to those inter­nal group-rules men­tio­ned higher up in this article, and can ignore all, and every­one, else along the way … and so they do.

Beyond that; member­ship in this or that poli­tical party doesn't mean shit these days – if it ever did, and posi­tions within parties only deter­mine size of pay­checks.
Some members excel in seemingly very important internal party-activi­ties, and can hardly stop talking about how great they personally and their parties are doing. Others seem to prefer more laid-back poli­tical careers as si­lent sup­por­ters – same salary so why not.

Busi­ness people and other out­siders “take care of” all that matters, at inflated prices and abundant subsidies. Thus, no need to stress about any of that for those who like to call them­selves “poli­ticians” in my country.
They only have to make sure our money flows freely across to greedy scam artists every­where in the world, some­thing they have been suc­cess­fully doing for quite some time.

no respect for our precious leaders?

Something not quite clear in my politi­cally over­cor­rec­ted language? Respect has to be deserved, and can neither be claimed nor given based on what position one pretends to occupy in a society. “Respect” does after all rank a whole lot higher than the “Nobel Peace Prize”

Fact is that in my country we have no actual leaders. What we have is a col­lec­tion of masked crea­tures who like to stay in front of the rest of us when pictures are taken, and to stroll around uttering entirely point­less nonsense to be spread by their partners in media so they can praise each other publicly for work well done.
All that while not only allowing but actively pro­moting the most heinous and mean­ing­less acts of des­truc­tion our country has been exposed to since WWII, to con­tinue with ever-in­creas­ing speed and inten­sity on their watch.

Thus, finding anyone any­where in our pol­iti­cal circles to show any respect for, is damn near impos­sible these days. Believe me, I have tried…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 30.aug.2020
last rev: 02.sep.2020

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