election … again

and the alternatives are?

Only weeks away from national elec­tion here in Norway, and no way to dif­fer­en­tiate between the parties on a political level except in how fast they plan to drain our country of resources for zero national gain. Impressive how so few can get away with inflicting so much damage onto so many, quietly and by “legal” means, under a hol­lowed-out cover of “demo­cracy”.

too much damage done already…

From my point of view, our governing bodies have mis­inter­preted and mis­handled just about every­thing pos­sible and imaginable for decades, and especially bad since last we voted for and got some changes back in 2013.
That we also had an election in 2017 did not help the slightest on the quality at the top, so we may as well forget we even bothered to vote that last time.

Now – in September 2021 – we are supposed to vote again, with even less chance of finding sens­ible and elect­able candi­dates on those lists than before. Based on their actual governing up until now, the various kakisto­cra­tic parties in Norway differ only in how quickly they intend to “kill off” their own countrymen.

who to vote for, and why?

Good questions, but one is unlikely to receive sensible answers beyond the by now pretty standard ones with refer­ences to demo­cracy, old party-asso­ci­a­tions, and other such factors that have lost all relevance and meaning ages ago. No-one in their right mind believes in any of that old non­sense any­more – if any­one ever did, although many pretend to and those in lead want us to.

The poli­ti­cal games will go on regard­less, so we may as well waste a couple of hours every fourth year on “doing our duty” as members of a society that few with an IQ above 85 will dare to define with some­what mean­ing­ful words unless they are cracking jokes.

One may call the various parties what­ever one likes, as it is unlikely to even sound close to reality no matter what. The left'ists are so far over to the right that they are almost falling off those arti­fi­cial poli­ti­cal plat­forms, the right'ists are found some­where between the outer­most left and right poli­ti­cal limits, and those who sup­pos­edly should be found in the middle are all over the place and beyond.
In short: it's a mess.

(14.sep.2021) Election 2021 over, and nearly all votes counted as I write this. Not sur­pris­ingly we have a new poli­ti­cal majority con­sist­ing of tra­di­ti­onal center-left parties, that, at least on paper, should be able to form a func­tion­ing govern­ment in Norway for the next four years. Looks like a slight improve­ment over what we had, but I am not overly optimistic.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 23.aug.2021
last rev: 14.sep.2021

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