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As time goes by I find less and less reason to involve my­self in two-way com­muni­ca­tion. It is as if all that may have been worth com­muni­ca­ting has already been spread to all corners of the world, and that now all com­muni­ca­tion channels are over­filled with stuff not really worth our time and attention.

Not a new phe­nom­enon by any means, as I have sensed and written about these things for a while, as have others. Never­the­less worth another set of notes since there are few signs of changes for the better any time soon.

Main reason for me to write about this sorry state of inter­human com­mu­ni­ca­tion from time to time, is to have these notes of obser­vation with­out com­pli­ance jotted down some­where for future reference.
Reliable infor­ma­tion about our common past is other­wise either being re­writ­ten, re­placed, or de­let­ed alto­gether, at a speed never before observed in human history. Only to be re­cycled and pre­sen­ted in even worse forms, under new names, new titles, and sup­por­ted by new and re­cyc­led lies.
Will any­one ever learn?

on the hunt for con­fir­ma­tions

drawing, as follows: Man: "I've heard the rhetoric from both sides … time to do my own research on the real truth"
performing Googie search: literally the first link that agrees with what you already believe
Man: "… Jackpot"
Everyone like con­fir­ma­tions of their own con­clu­sions to matters in life, and to most it does not matter whether they are right or wrong on a matter as long as they receive that much sought-after confir­ma­tion and backing from people in high enough numbers. To most a “positive” internet search will do nicely – especially via “Googie”.

Rather than spreading facts and know­ledge, major public com­muni­ca­tion chan­nels (MSM) are primarily used for promoting, presenting, and repeating ad nauseam, programs that build up under and con­firm what people in the leading circles have decided that we all should accept as facts regard­less of how stupid and unfounded they really are.
Nothing must be allowed to disturb our precious leaders' present illusion of reality, so as a conse­quence all that does not line up with their goals must be censored and declared as “fake” and/​or as signs of mental ill­nes­ses that must be eradi­cated or “cured”.

All intel­ligent beings know what such single­minded hunts for and promotation of con­fir­ma­tion with­out proper evalua­tion eventu­ally will lead to, but intel­li­gence is appar­ently not held in high regard by those who only seek backing of their own self-right­eous­ness. Guess they would rather outlaw intel­li­gence altogether at all levels except their own, if only they could get away with it.

Of course, intel­li­gent people know when not to show their cards, so I obvi­ously isn't one of those most in risk of being censored and outlawed as part of the preventative measures to avoid serious and lasting damage to the frail egos most con­fir­ma­tion hunters seem to suffer from.

evaluating work and data

text in image: "IF YOU CANNOT QUESTION IT, IT'S NOT SCIENCE, IT'S PROPAGANDA" While we are being flooded with (poli­ti­cally based) con­clu­sions related to this or that “crisis” at global and/​or more local levels, veri­fi­ca­tion of data and work leading up to those same con­clu­sions are sorely missing.
Instead we get lists full of names and titles of people they claim are behind and/​or are backing up those con­clu­sions. It is as if the higher the number of names they manage to add to those lists, the more correct the con­clu­sions must be.
Few seem to grok that without veri­fi­able data all those names and titles mean next to nothing either way, and that only one single weak­ness found in the data and work is enough to throw all con­clu­sions that are based on them out the window and back into the huge library of hypo­the­sises and poten­tials – interesting but not proven.

Who you are, and what you are and claim to be, is irrel­e­vant in most walks of life. What matters is the quality of the work and data you produce and deliver, and your willing­ness to share.
Having posi­tions, person­ali­ties and titles is fine in and of itself, and are useful “sorting-mechanisms” to avoid chaos in our societies. However, when that is all people bring to the table, such “qualities” are not worth much.

That most people pay more attention to how “famous” some people have become, than to how much of value they bring, often has the unfor­tu­nate side-effect that it holds back and delay progress by giving the wrong people too much atten­tion in too many areas for too long. Other than that: people get what they ask for in such cases, even if it rarely ever is what they actually want.

There are very few complete and ever­lasting facts and absolutes we humans can totally rely and fall back on, and, “thank God for that” regardless of what God(s) you do or do not worship.
text in image: the squirrel's prayer:
As the world gets crazier, the nuts get easier to find!"
Would be nice if more people recognized that simple fact – one of the few absolutes there are, and used their brains and other capacities to expand know­ledge to the good for all man­kind, instead of util­izing their energy on con­vin­cing people around them that they – on behalf of them­selves and/​or others – are the carriers of the only truth.
There are too many poli­ti­cal, reli­gi­ous and mone­tary move­ments spreading des­truc­tion through­out the world as it is. We do not need more of those.

Hypothesises are great as basis for argu­ments in discus­sions aimed at figuring out facts, but one can never con­clude in real-world cases based on hypo­the­sises alone.

nope, we won't call you, ever

text in image: "You must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contra­dicts your beliefs, and admit the pos­si­bi­lity that you may be wrong.
Intelligence isn't knowing every­thing, it's the ability to challenge every­thing you know."
Life is short, and nobody can cover every­thing in depth. Every­body can make an effort at improving their know­ledge and under­stand­ing of what­ever they are into, and not just rely on beliefs and what others tell them.

I have been wrong enough times not to be blasé about it and the fact that it is likely to happen again, and again. In the long run being wrong more often than not has not hurt me, and neither has getting most things right in the end.

I do feel sorry for those who are unable to admit their own mistakes, and even more sorry for those who are exposed to such people and actions based on their mistakes. Sticking to one's guns is so unne­ces­sary – even if one is right, as unless lives are at stake there rarely ever is any­thing to gain by being stubborn.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 22.oct.2021
last rev: 25.oct.2021

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