decades of decline

and loss of purpose.

Serious work for improve­ments on a national scale, peaked some­time in the early 1980s. Since then there has been a near constant decline in all but big words and worth­less half-promises.

An entire nation head first on a slippery downward slope. No common purpose, sub­stance or goal in sight, on track towards col­lec­tive destruc­tion. For what?

Mix political power with personal economic interests and incom­pe­tence, and you get some very inter­est­ing govern­mental blends. None of them compa­tible with public inter­ests or the growth of a nation, but that never was the point for those who stand to profit from the destruc­tion. Norway today is a sad story of mis­govern­ment.

Don't bother to look for one single cause for any of this. There are at least two funda­mental reasons: “greed” and “fear”, and if you like you can also add “vanity”.

  • “Greed” is self-explanatory, and goes way beyond economics.
  • “Fear” is related to loss of “position”, in any meaning of the word.
  • “Vanity”, well, check a dictionary for that one.

nothing was delivered…

Norwegian Governments have always been good at hiring in external entities to crunch numbers that can be presented to the people. Problem is that those numbers nearly always are just that: “numbers”, with no reality behind them.
They then repeat those flawed numbers ad nau­seam, also long after better, and even official, number-crunchers have proven them wrong.
Makes me wonder what kind of alternative reality they are living in, and also what reality they think the rest of us observe.

The common man is responsible for his words and actions. Politicians are by their own ruling exempt from such rules while “performing”. They can lie and cheat as they see fit in order to be elected, and then simply “have a change of mind” once in position.
It's known as “political reality” and/​or “business as usual”, and none of them have ever had to deliver anything on their promises. Turns what­ever they say into a joke.

big, empty, words…

Everything gets presented in big words through all avail­able chan­nels, and if that doesn't have the inten­ded effects, more words are added. Yet, there is hardly any­thing of value behind those big words, and most addi­tions are not worth mentioning.

When all else fails to get messages and imple­men­tations across, they obviously must be enforced. Simplest solution is to make all compe­ting words, ideas and actions unac­cept­able and/​or illegal, making sure choices are limited to the most point­less and des­truc­tive ones they can come up with.
Boy, can they come up with a lot of shit and ways to enforce it…

So much for democracy. What we have smells more like kakisto­cracy to me, and there is no promising light on the horizon as we slip further and further back into the dark ages.
The only question left to ask, is: “when will we hit bottom?”

f*** 'em all…

Ruthless business people in control of spineless politicians, is the second worst con­stel­la­tion one can think of. That some are deeply rooted in both camps is of course even worse, and we have enough of those to uphold a cor­rupt and des­truc­tive majority in the Nor­we­gian Par­lia­ment in all cases that matter.

Whatever they say, I don't trust them to do any­thing good for any­one but them­selves and their friends. An example to follow?
As there is no positive direction or purpose left in those circles, nothing our govern­ment or busi­ness classes stand for or promote is worth sup­port­ing. There are better causes…

I'm sure they can get to the end of the line all by them­selves. A pity that they seem to aim at destroy­ing as much as pos­sible for profit on their way down though. Won't be much left for real humans.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 08.dec.2017
last rev: 10.dec.2017

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