crisis maxi­ma­tion

can be a very profitable acti­vity.

Anyone can cause a crisis, but those in positions of power over larger population groups can of course create more and bigger crises. And fact is that they do, all the time, and for most of them it is just “busi­ness as usual” to do so. We call these crea­tures “poli­ti­cians”.

Others who tend to initiate crises of various types, sizes and strengths when­ever the oppor­tu­nity arises, are found in and around the edges of what we call “big busi­ness”. Not much of a divide between politics and big business, and their acti­vi­ties affect us all whether we have elected them or not.

All the above rely on s.c. “experts” and “specia­lists” to rewrite and/​or hide facts and build up towards situa­tions that can only be solved by them (and paid for by us), and these lackeys are paid quite hand­somely for the job they do to maxi­mize these truly man-made “crises” in people's minds. (Those who won't play along do of course get nothing, and risk losing their livelihoods.) text Delegates nap during the closing plenary session of COP27 on 20th November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters
Nothing in the real world has to be what the mas­ters of these “crisis-pro­fes­sio­nals” indi­cate that it is or can become, as long as they can make large enough groups of the general public believe what they say, stay fear­ful for what­ever the future may bring, back up and pro­mote the most flawed, faulty and right-out ridi­cu­lous causes those in power can come up with, and keep sceptics and real experts in the various fields from chal­lenging them in the public sphere with doubt, cor­rec­tly applied data, and (God forbid) reality.

What compli­cates things even further, is that people with mainly self-pro­moting and negative agendas (like the above men­tio­ned), often twist and turn facts by misusing and abusing terms and wordings stolen from people with more hon­or­able agendas, in order to get their own pro­pa­ganda through and present reasons that suit them as main causes for actual and imaginary crises, regard­less of how specu­la­tive and far out their rea­son­ing may be. quote "Nothing is more securely lodged than the ignorance of the experts."
— F.A. Hayek

Few in the general public have the neces­sary know­ledge to decide who, if any­body, to trust when it comes to more com­pli­cated matters. The result is that both real and imaginary crises more often than not get seriously mis­hand­led and end up being extremely costly, because actual facts inten­tion­ally are being ignored in favor of flawed hypo­the­ses and pure fiction.

It is like throwing dices while lis­ten­ing to phony dis­cus­sions and back-and-forth argu­ments between “crisis inven­tors” and “solu­tion providers” … that quite often are the same people and insti­tu­tions.

how to cause a crisis…

Just about any­thing that there for what­ever reason may end up being too little (or too much) of in peoples lives and/​or minds, can be defined as the cause of a crisis. Water, food, clothing, money and medicine, are typical essen­tials few of us in the modern world can afford to be with­out for long. And so is access to usable and afford­able energy to run our homes, work­places and trans­por­ta­tion, and environ­ments of accept­able quality to live and work in.

The more modern and developed we regard our­selves and our socie­ties to be, the less tolerance for loss of these essen­tials we have, and less ability to create our own alter­na­tives and “safety nets”.
text "There are more slaves now than at any time in history"
We rely more or less entirely on others for every­thing we need in life, which works just fine until those “others” for what­ever reason no longer are able, or villing, to provide … and guess who are in control of the various national and world-wide supply lines.

Easy to choke off the supply of any of the essen­tials we rely on for sustaining lives, and in no time a poten­tial or real crisis is pro­duced for entire popu­la­tions.

And why would anyone choke off supplies of essen­tials, or even of non-essen­tials?
text A definition of power
POWER: a capacity that A has to influ­ence the behavior of B so that B acts in accord­ance with A's wishes.
DEPENDENCY: B's relationship to A when A pos­ses­ses some­thing that B requires.
To demon­strate power and ability to control the supply lines, and thereby us, is one set of reasons that more often than not play a major role in local and global games of supremacy.
Such games of supremacy are, and have always been, a reality in poli­tics, as well as in busi­ness and every­where else in our socie­ties. The stakes are just higher on the national and global arenas than what we can find in neigh­bor­hoods, in and between local gangs, and even within families.
And we can watch (more or less comical) variants of the same games in soap operas and reality series, and all across the range of news and other enter­tain­ment chan­nels, day in and day out.

inten­tion­ally botched com­muni­ca­tion…

Whatever the subject may be; when one side demand total control over the premises for all com­muni­ca­tion regarding any subject at hand, there can not be any real exchange of infor­ma­tion and know­ledge. What is true and what is false does not matter any­more in such a scenario, only what one can make people believe – which appar­ently is with­out limits.

As a very actual example these days: those of us who know that Climate Changes are, and always have been, real and ever-changing, and some­times with deadly out­comes – especially on more local levels, are not allowed to publicly disagree with those who have chosen to blame us humans and our acti­vi­ties for every­thing bad regarding the Climate Changes various areas around the world are exper­i­enc­ing the effects of at any given time.
We Climate Realists are with few excep­tions branded “Climate Deniers” by the faith­ful followers of the “Climate Crisis reli­gions”, even if such a name / descrip­tion is about as far from the truth as it can be*. As men­tioned: respect for the truth isn't very high among the reli­gious…

Good thing no-one's reli­gious and/​or “scientific” believes can erase or alter facts. They can only cover up for and hide what does not fit their “man-made crisis” agendas for a while … which is how it has always been done when proofs for the offi­cial policies are weak or missing.
Thus, what­ever we are being called, we can con­tinue our searches for, and reliance on, facts related to that parti­cular subject, regard­less of what believers and their “high priests” and masters may believe in and/​or com­muni­cate to the general public and between them­selves. We can even observe the many posi­tive effects of the ongoing Climate Changes, if we so choose.

I hate to write this, but it is quite easy to find and add real examples of ongoing man-made crises to the one above.
From where I live we can almost smell the War by any other name in Ukraine, by the dead corpses of the innocent left in the streets and inside col­lapsed buildings.
quote "Only the dead have seen the end of war"
— Plato
This and other Wars, and the many Con­flicts of the deadly kind that rip through several socie­ties these days, are in addition to the death and damage they cause, also worsening the Famines mil­lions in less developed, or just poorer, parts of the world, are experi­encing, by hampering pro­duc­tion and trans­por­ta­tion of food and fer­ti­li­zers, and raising cost of these essen­tials.

On top of all that we have the latest Pandemic, that seems to be tapering off, but still cause serious illness, problems and loss of lives in many areas around the world.

Should provide those in need of man-made crises to focus on, get involved in, or simply flee away from, with more than enough causes, or cases. And few of the men­tio­ned crises are going to dis­ap­pear any time soon. Those in charge make sure of that.

The same goes for the many s.c. “solu­tions” to these and other man-made crises, as most of them are, or will be, (more or less inten­tion­ally it seems) far worse than what they are sup­pos­ed to solve.

So what else is not new in this “age of superior know­ledge and advanced tech­no­logy”‥?
quote If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.
— George Patton jr.
Not much actually, as anyone who have watched history on TV, read a few history books, or simply just lived a while, should be able to recog­nise how history gets repeated. Only (at least some of) the players are new, simply because (most of) the old players are dead. Some even com­mit­ted suicide…
Same old methods, and (more or less) the same old lies. And too many actu­ally swallow it all, hook, line and sinker, with­out asking serious ques­tions or checking the vali­dity of the infor­ma­tion they are being fed.
We sure haven't come far…

fool on the hill, throwing dices…

I am sure some will mis­under­stand that head­line, but if they look inwards at thems­elves it may become clearer.

quote Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.
— Miyamoto Musashi
And, if a little self-con­scious­ness does not clear up things, then it is not because the infor­ma­tion and data are not avail­able. Deliberately choosing to stay ignorant, is a per­sonal choice that one can not blame any­one else for.

We may have to choose our “fights” with care, as we can not all be at the fore­front on every­thing every­where all the time. Does not mean we should not have well-prepared opinions and/​or stay tot­ally silent on subjects that affect and matter to us and the rest of mankind though. text "There are some people who put you down in life, mock your dreams, and challenge your person­ality; they look like winners. But in actual fact, they are only voicing out their inse­cur­ities and jealousy. Do not let them pull you down. Believe and accept yourself and hold onto what you believe in."

The least we can do is to think things over for our­selves, and be pre­pared for when our very own opinions and conclu­sions will get tested by reality. I do, and so far I haven't found good reasons to change my mind on the basics of the various matters that matter to me and mine. Details move slightly on the sur­face of my mind as new data flow by and get weighed, but that is all.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 25.jun.2023
last rev: 18.aug.2023

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