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Everyone on facebook has seen that “Create a story” push. Well, I am not much for creating stories on social media. Short reports have had to do, and over time Facebook has gotten old, same as me.

In my mind there is a rather big dif­fer­ence between telling and creating stories, and, unless which flavor they are is made clear, I rather pass. Face­book is mainly small­talk between more or less like­minded people any­way, so not much is lost by reserving the time for other matters.

I am otherwise all for telling, and reading, stories on any subject, and I use this and other sites to spread mine in case anyone is interested. Some of my stories are serious and some less so, depending on what they are all about, and most are written because I like to see what my thoughts look like and if they make any sense in print.
Conclusion, so far: some­times they do.

made-up stories?

As apparently most social media users do, most of the time I only sweep through head­lines to see if some­thing catches my atten­tion. Thus, no point in judging the quality of all the stories I per­son­ally have not looked into in any depth.

People have opinions, and it is impor­tant to have open chan­nels for pre­sent­ing these to a wider public – free speech, etc. I am not sure if social media plat­forms like Face­book are at all suited for free speech, but it can be worth trying out for those who do not have access to all that many real alter­na­tives. Whether stories are real, or not, is at first glance not all that important.

Maybe unfair to leave the ques­tion about overall story-quality open like that, but sta­tis­ti­cally only a very small number of stories on social media are unique. Most are repea­ted launches of the same stories, jokes, YouTube clips, etc., and there is no need to go through them again regard­less of how good they once may have been.

Stories of a social or funny nature rarely ever catch my atten­tion, so how many that are made-up and how many that are real is some­thing I know next to nothing about. S.c. “fake” stories are most likely in high numbers out here, but who's counting.

skipping on the details…

Those who choose to cast a wide net across social media and ignore most details, will be able to sense their societies' deeper currents as they are expressed on the internet, with­out having to spend much time on digging up facts or scan for con­spi­racy theories.
That is about the best description I can give for how I “exploit” social media and other “news” and “infor­ma­tion” chan­nels avail­able to me for use­ful stuff, without being all that active on any of the platforms.

Getting hung up in details, opinions and/​or per­son­ali­ties, would be a serious waste of time in any case. Too many details to sort, opinions are just that, and most on-line per­son­ali­ties and their stories are not entirely real anyway. And it is all so very, very, old and outdated by now.
The broader picture is always more true to the facts at hand, as the more people who discuss, react to and des­cribe what they think is going on, the more facts will over time slip past them and into the big picture for those of us who can be bothered to check it up. One just has to remember that nothing has to make sense to be true … or to be pure crap.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 05.feb.2021
last rev: 20.feb.2021

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