costly ignorance

spreading like wildfire.

From time to time I get hints that I am not quite “politi­cally correct” in my writings. Has never bothered me much, as there are far more important things in life to line up with.
The search for truth comes to mind, and then any­thing and every­thing political ends up near the bottom of the ”being correct” scale, among liars, cheaters, and worse. Few in those pro­fes­sions deserve better descriptions.

Having jotted down the above, it is time to focus. Life is too short to play ignorant… quote: 'Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.' 
-- Martin Luther King Jr. … and I am not much for pussy-footing around people who do.

I expect those who do not play, to have missed the point by now, even if they are the ones who assure the disasters planned by the players. Wildfires spread easiest when lit at ground-level, so having full control over the ignorant masses is a premise for the fire to take hold and run its course.
Not sure how to better present the present scenario, regard­less of what poli­ti­cal or other measures it is meant to fit within. Sorry about that … well, not really.

simple, old-style, politics…

It is common tactic to first convince the most ignorant and fearful among us to support a cause, as once a high enough number of the hoi polloi are lined up, the others can be more easily “con­vin­ced” that it is best for them to just shut up and follow the leaders of the “majority”.

text: 'Ignorance is the worst of all human diseases'. Ignorant people love to be told that they are right, and tend to hate all who dare say they are not. Thus, once the ignorant are onboard they won't question their leaders no matter what, and they will do all they can to prevent others from com­pli­cating their adopted views on any and all matters with questions, opposing views, and facts.

Next step is to keep ignorant people ignorant, and thereby assure their continued support. Education is the perfect tool for that, as people who think they know it all won't start to think for them­selves, question their masters, and seek infor­ma­tion outside their own circles. Confir­ma­tion is all they want, and supplying them with continuous streams of that stuff is easiest when all opposing views are left out, ridiculed and/​or out­lawed.

I could point to history here, but that is not very popular these days since one risks finding a slew of examples of what I have just written about. History books have to be rewritten first, or deleted (remember we live in the digital age), so as not to disturb the most ignorant among us in their pleasant state of mind. Cannot have any disturb­ances before the big players' plans have run their courses, too much money and power at stake.

Will only mention that the last wave of erra­di­ca­ting and rewriting his­tori­cal facts was initiated some 90 years ago, and let those who are not totally ignorant draw their own con­clu­sions about whether it has died down by now, or not.

control of language and all else…

Politicians tend to talk a lot, but say very little of value. quote: 'Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable…'
-- George Orvell This is “by design”, as if they actually said some­thing in all serious­ness they might actu­ally have to know, and maybe even stand for, what they were talking about, and might be held personally respons­ible when it turns bad – the last thing on their minds.

Politically correct language is in fact so full of nothing­ness that those who never listen to them are at least as well informed as those who hang onto every word that comes out of their mouths. Spitting out per­fectly formu­lated sen­ten­ces to allow for altered inter­pre­ta­tions or retrac­tions after the fact, always making sure they say some­thing that does not matter no matter how bad things turn out. They are confident that all that went wrong is some­body else's fault, and that all else is fake news…

kids in front of war monument.
text: 'Sorry kids seems like we did it all for nothing' Yes, they get it wrong from time to time, and many of them get it wrong all the time. However, it is just that “we are only humans” factor that plays its ugly tricks on those nice but unfor­tu­nate poli­ti­cians, and they did of course not mean any of what they said the way others heard it, or intended to do what they actually did even if it is all in plain sight for every­one to see. Shit just happens…

No such excuses carry any weight when uttered by those who choose to stay clear of those poli­ti­cal circles though, as they are neither poli­ti­cally correct in their language, believers in and followers of the only correct causes, nor do they belong to the right groups led by the right players. Silly those who are stupid enough to think for them­selves and actually believe their opinions matter…

seriousness abound…

Mixing humor in with serious stuff, tends to throw off some of those who see them­self as being of the more serious kind, for what­ever reason. Cartoon of a typical Sherlock Holmes murder sceene.
S.H. says: 'The global warming did it'
other says: 'I knew it! It's always the global warming' I am feeling a bit sad for those who cannot see, and deal with, the many humor­istic sides of serious matters with­out losing focus … seriously.

I know of no such defi­cien­cies, and draw as much humor into my humble writings as I can, when­ever I can. No one should be left in any doubt about my views on whole series of serious matters after having read my articles.

As every article is the result of hours, days and weeks of research, the learning process itself never stops. It is not possible to learn too much about any subject, and as I have also learned that it does not make sense to memorize every detail as long as one knows where to find them when needed, I prefer to write summaries rather than extremely well detailed, and very long, articles.

Others do a good enough job at documenting those pesky details – if we care to look them up, so borrowing their summaries in one form or another works fine in most cases. Group1 IPCC: 'the long-term predictions of future climate states is not possible.'
As is the norm on the inter­net; I am in no way res­pon­sible for what others release. Not much consensus to talk about on any subject, when data are prop­erly checked. I see no reason to complain though, as they quite often line up nicely with what I myself might have said, or written.

This is one way to add humor to serious matters, and leave to visitors to sort out which is which. Democracy in action if you like, some­thing that other­wise is sorely missing in too many areas.

why write about things?

As I always try to find the truth about matters before making up my mind about them, most of what I write about is checked in depth. Opinions with­out solid back­ground checks are not worth much, in my opinion, and the entire process is quite rewarding for curious minds.

Not being interested in telling others what to think about anything, only that thinking in itself is the smarter activity when given choices, I limit my writings to mere glimpses of what is on my mind at the moment. If nothing else; these writings help me develop clearer views on subjects, which is reason enough to continue. Besides; it is serious fun!

I am other­wise not totally con­vin­ced about much of any­thing in life, which is another reason for continuing searching, learning, and writing. Should keep me going for a while, on my own premises…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 04.jul.2021
last rev: 04.jul.2021

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