conspiracy theories

and other inven­tions.

There are times when I regret ever having learned to read, and, most impor­tant, to under­stand the intri­ca­cies of any human language. With­out those basic skills I might have found all the drivel spewed out from most offi­cial sources unim­por­tant enough not to be bothered by it and its crea­tors' very exis­tence. As it is; that is not an option.

reality turned into “live” comedy

Government has UFOs! 
Elvis is still alive! 
Moon landings were a hoax! 
Earth is flat! 
Alexandria is related to Nostradamus! One could wish it was simple non­sense pre­sen­ted like in the image along­side here, as then nobody apart from those most inter­ested in the worlds of comics and super­nat­u­rals would pay any atten­tion.

Reality though, is that many of those who are eagerly seeking and ad­vanc­ing fact-based know­ledge, all too often are being accused of form­ing and pro­mot­ing con­spi­racy theories, and then they are being cen­sored and shut out as heretics.
On the other hand; those who are most eager in pro­duc­ing and spread­ing weak hypoth­e­sizes and pure lies for economic and political gains, are put for­ward as the carriers of abso­lutes that we all just have to believe in, because…
What a joke, albeit a very costly one.

In essense: nearly every­thing that matters is turned upside down in official publi­ca­tions these days. Facts are deemed to be irrel­e­vant or are flagged as lies, and “the official truth” is derived almost entirely from hypoth­e­sizes and lies.

who/what to make fun of today…

As there are not all that high a number of real con­spi­racy theories to make fun of being gene­ra­ted by actual con­spi­racy theorists, the most eager con­spi­racy theory hunters are inventing some of their own out of thin air, that they can then slap onto the backs of those who dare disagree with them and/​or “the official truth”. Much easier that way, and the more stupid con­nec­tions they can come up with, the more fun they can have with them and their targets/​victims.

Does not matter that no sane person will buy into these false creations – unless of course the pay is extremely good, as there are more than enough gullible and/​or stupid people around that can be fooled to play along with just about any­thing when served an incom­pre­hen­si­ble mix of pseudo-science, double-talk, and lies via offi­cial chan­nels.
Has always worked before, so…

Why care about facts, when manu­fac­tur­ing and selling pure fictions pays so much better on the “free” market that mainly consists of those who are given no choice?

same old same old…

Nobody knows the future for sure, but there are more than enough people in “high(er)” places that are ready to gamble with other people's lives and wellbeing when it comes to which ways it (according to them) should go. Of that I am 100% sure.

Won't be a lack of followers either … mainly people who have little to no idea what they are being (more or less willing) parts of. What matters to most is to be recog­nized as full members of the “right” teams, regard­less of how much they, and others, will end up having to pay for their “mem­ber­ships”.

History is so full of tales about these “gamblers” and their “followers”, that one has to be totally ignorant not to know what they are called and what to think about and how to handle them. Thus, no need for me to spell it out in more details here.

For more frequent visitors to this site, much of the above may come over as repe­ti­tions of what I have written in other articles, which of course is correct. As not much has changed for the better in the decade or so this site has been up and running, and I still am some­what like “the fool on the hill” [who] “see the world spinning 'round”, I have of course noticed, and written about, the ongoing regress at the upper – more domi­nant – levels over the years.
Should wish there were more progress to write about, but posi­tive signs are too few, too weak, and too short-lasting to have much of an effect on a world-wide scale. Locally it is a different matter entirely, and life most defi­ni­tely isn't all gloom and doom when all is OK at home. Hoping the same for all others, every­where.

Now, to stay on main subject: the only outer factor that has really changed over time in these reoc­curring “wolf vs. sheep” games that affect our world the most, is the speed with which ignorance – same as just about any­thing else with poten­tial mental impact – can be trans­ferred over distance.
One can only hope that most at the receiving ends know how to adjust their built-in dis­cri­mi­na­tors correctly, or else the present variant of the game will come through as being played even worse than the previous rounds when history gets written by those who come after us.

The “wolves” seem to have learned some from their earlier failures, but still not enough to quit being wolves. The “sheep” I am not so sure of, but, as mentioned earlier, one can hope…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 26.sep.2021
last rev: 30.sep.2021

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