the lost art of cli­ma­tol­ogy

a climate-prof­it­eer's dream.

As real, fact-based, cli­ma­tol­ogy seems to have fallen totally out of favor over time, and hypoth­esises, guess­work, com­puter gene­rated data and pure lies has taken over for docu­men­ted and some­what veri­fi­able obser­va­tions, the stage is cleared for climate prof­it­eers of all shapes and sizes to take over and rewrite the entire play to suit their agendas.
The only actor that is guar­an­teed to not play along, will be the global climate itself, as money does not impress our old planet and sur­round­ing uni­verse in that respect. Not that “such a small matter” matters much to those who stand to profit the most from the various “climate-saving” and “popu­la­tion control” schemes.

Following the ongoing United Nations COP26 summit in Glasgow* in various media, is not worth any intel­li­gent being's time. The old tune: “Nothing was delivered”, comes to mind from the very beginning.

Not even the many digni­tar­ies present in Glasgow seemed to be able to show much enthu­si­asm for what flowed from the mouths of various speakers in the initial rounds.
Quite under­stand­able…

Whatever alarmists claim and poli­ti­ci­ans decide: Earth's climate will continue to change as it cycles through the complex mix of known* and as-of-yet unknown or not well docu­men­ted phases, cycles and events based primarily on its posi­tion and rela­tions to the sun and the other planets and heavenly bodies in the near universe*, with next to zero concern for what we humans get done or leave undone in this field.
Conclusion: no cause for alarm*.

protect our local environ­ments

While all sorts of envi­ron­mental des­truc­tion* is being allowed by the author­i­ties, “because … climate”, not much is done to shield and improve the lives of commoners and others of God's crea­tures in the areas most exposed to such man-made des­truc­tion. Thus, the more posing, talking, writing and action that is focused on and around the non­sen­sical task of con­trol­ling the Earth's climate via CO2 reduction(sic), the worse con­di­tions will become for every­one living every­where.
That is; except for the scamsters who of course make sure to stay well out­side of it all, where they can watch the des­truc­tion taking place and profit from it, with­out being personally affected. That is part of the big scam, and the des­truc­tion will continue for as long as some­one thinks there is money and power to be had on it, and they can find poli­ti­cians and other climate-obsessed and green-painted fools wil­ling to sub­si­dize the madness*.

Can some­times be dif­fi­cult from the out­side to see who are only in it for the money and power, and who actu­ally are afraid that the world may end in a CO2 driven climate-disaster. That the former group of people induce fear in the latter group in order to control them and the money-flow, is in my opinion the worst part of the entire “save the world from climate change” scam. It's a shame…

Climate changes are all right. Scam­sters, cheat­ers and liars that profit from them not so much.

Would be so much better if we who actu­ally care and still have func­tion­ing minds, focused major parts of our com­bined mental capa­ci­ties on under­stand­ing as much as we humanly can about how it all works*, and on figuring out how best to live and play along with these natural changes locally, rather than pouring money into schemes pre­tend­ing to pre­vent climate changes on global levels, as the latter is doomed to fail its “intended” purpose no matter how much of our money that gets wasted on lining the pockets of the world's main scam­mers and profiteers.

yes, we can…

As individuals and small groups we are capable of doing a lot in, and to, our local environ­ments – including affect the local climate quite a bit if we want and need to, and we may as well improve the areas where we live for our­selves and the beings we share them with, when, and as, we find necessary. Modi­fy­ing nature to provide us with the amounts and quality of food, shelters and space we need, do not have to be justified. All living beings, including plants, do it.
However, if we modify every­thing that is not man-made every­where, all will be lost and can never be restored to its former, natural, state. Having nice pictures and scale models in museums of what once was, is not quite the same as having the real works of art in and around our neigh­bor­hoods … Munch et al do not measure up to much in com­parison.
see following text in image: "Wilder­ness is not a luxury but a neces­sity. The idea of wilder­ness needs no defence, it only needs defenders."
— Edward Abbey

That some humans are unable to look at untouched nature with­out seeing dollar signs and calcu­la­ting poten­tial profit*, should not affect the more intel­ligent among us. There are other and much greater values than money all around us, and we should protect these values as if our very lives depended on them, because in reality they do.

By not destroying our environ­ments “just because we can”, much is gained. By choosing the least invasive and des­tructive solu­tions and methods when we have no choice but to exploit and/​or modify our natural environ­ment in order to progress, even more can be gained. We simply have to pause and think things over, before setting out to destroy the irre­place­able. There is no going back if we get it wrong.

The scamsters and prof­it­eers will of course not sit still and allow us com­mon­ers to think and act sen­sible on our own and not allow them to control us in every respect. They have too much to lose, and will do all it takes to stay in control.

know what to ignore

In order to succeed with any­thing here on Earth, one must know what, and thereby who, to ignore. That is easiest when you know what you want, and why, so better start there.
As most of us just want to live quiet lives with­out having the prospect of any serious crises hanging over us, I use that as basis in the following.

One way forward is to let others – our elected and unelected “masters” or who­ever they dele­gate posi­ti­ons and tasks to – control every­thing in life. In which case you do not have to do any­thing but shut up, pay up, and leave all major decisions to these “others”. Should be easy enough from the sound of it, but no use having a mind of your own about any­thing that matters.

A second alter­na­tive is to weigh every­thing, and every­one, based on their values. Which means you will have to sort out, and keep on resorting, your own values and views on every­thing and every­one around you. Over time the process leading to total inde­pen­dency becomes easier and easier as you gather know­ledge*, but it may not bring you many friends among those who chose the alter­na­tive above.

A third alter­na­tive is to pretend to choose the first alter­na­tive, while keeping your mouth shut and actually follow the second. A little secrecy does not hurt – just look at how scamsters, poli­ti­cians and other prof­it­eers hide their real inten­tions. You do not have to reveal, or justify to any­one, what happens to be on your mind at any given time.

What these alter­na­tives have to do with cli­ma­tol­ogy* may elude many, as it requires flex­ible and un­re­stric­ted minds, and the will to use them to find answers.
No wonder those who already have dele­gated just about every­thing else that affect their lives over to “higher powers”, also buy the official version(s)* about cli­ma­tic pro­ces­ses with­out ques­tion­ing them. Know­ledge and veri­fi­able data do not seem to fit their chosen profile…

As one who has a habit of ques­tion­ing every­thing any­way, there is no way I will ever stop ques­tion­ing the official and poli­ti­cally sanc­tioned sources, and search for more accurate ones. As actual facts that keep on surfacing* seem to contradict most of the official lines as they are pre­sen­ted to us, I will keep on digging for more facts.

(14.nov.2021) As for the COP26* * : it seems to have ended about as close to a FLOP26 as it could get while still allowing some of the dele­gates to brag about the result. Interpret that as you like…

Who says what does not matter much to me, while what gets said by who­ever most defi­ni­tely does. One can never collect too many facts, or elimi­nate too much false and flawed infor­ma­tion. And, yes, I do include, and listen to, argu­ments from all sides*. Only time, and quality of those messages, set limits for how much.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 06.nov.2021
last rev: 27.feb.2022

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