climate changes

make money flow (and pigs fly).

Used to be that climate changes cost liveli­hood for the many in an area, who through­out history have had to either adjust their lives to those changes as they came, find ways to leave the area, or – in worst cases – die.
These days all that is turned around, and climate changes have become nothing but an end­less series of global money-machi­nes for the rich and powerful.

Those least hung up in and bothered by documented and checked facts, have found climate changes quite useful as means to generate eco­no­mical advan­tages for them­selves.
To make that happen on a grand scale they gene­rate fear where there is ab­so­lute­ly no bases for any, and expect the many (i.e. all but them­selves) to just shut up, listen, and believe in the boat­loads of sense­less lies self-declared experts spew out, pay up when­ever the greedy ask for more to solve imagi­nary prob­lems, and then quietly die off with­out pro­tes­ting.

What, or who, to blame for the very latest sets of climate changes (yes, the climate is really changing this time, as always), is actually of little interest – as it should be. Those most in control of the in­for­ma­tion-flow in the world today have turned their own bought-and-paid-for defi­ni­tions into dogmas, and will pres­sure every­one else within reach to pay for what­ever solu­tions they come up with – regard­less of causes and effects or lack of same. This is politics, you know.

Those who have put them­selves in charge can of course not waste time on res­pond­ing to what they call “flat earth” issues put for­ward by people who ac­cor­ding to them don't “get it” – including many scien­tists who are/were active in climate-related studies, when there is so much more money and power to be had by rush­ing half-baked and often mainly symbolic poli­cies mind­less­ly through with­out giving a damn abouth the facts of the matters at hand.

smoke and mirrors come handy

For those who aim at making a profit on climate changes, what­ever and who­ever that end up fronting their agendas will do fine as long as their much needed illusions hold up in front of the masses.
Easy enough to let old smoke­screens dis­appear into thin air when they start fail­ing and fad­ing after a while – which they both subjec­tively and objec­tively invari­able will, and find new ones to hide the more profit­able agendas behind.

No reason to attack those who end up as front figures for a while, as it either isn't their fault that they are being exploited, or they have little to no idea about what they appear to be fronting.
Either way; just leave these figures out of all serious equa­tions and dis­cus­sions con­cer­ning climate changes, as they do not bring any­thing use­ful to the table on these matters anyway.

It makes more sense to expose, and deal with, actual climate change exploit­ers. Those who know, or should know, all too well what they are doing, and who do all they can to spread dis­in­for­ma­tion and hide facts.

The world as a whole would most definitely be a better place with those creatures gone, and all climate change variants would be far less prob­le­matic too. Almost a pity there is only so much we can do to eradi­cate them, but we can at least stop feeding their egos and bank accounts, and not give a damn about their “flat earth” com­pa­ra­ble pro­pa­ganda that flies solely on concensus among the self-appointed few.

Do not expect any of their exp­loi­tat­ion-based agendas to change much with those behind them at the moment gone, as there are lots more of the same disaster-generating enti­ties where they come from. Stupidity, greed and rudeness on a truly global scale, run strong in those circles.

If you wonder who these ghastly creatures are, just check who you are not supposed to, and maybe not even allowed to, criticize. They on the other hand…

down to earth analyzes

The act of “denying climate change” makes no sense whatsoever, as the climate has varied/changed to the better and/or worse for what­ever living entities that happened to be around at any given time in earth's history, since long before humans stood up and walked around as a more-or-less well-defined race. Nothing new under the sun in that respect.

Exploitation in all its forms has of course also gone on for just as long, as that is how the human race got to the sorry state we are in now. Do not expect this to change for the better in the foreseeable future, regard­less of climate changes and other unim­por­tant variab­les, as those who have put them­selves in charge have built up strong pre­fer­ences for the power and eco­no­mi­cal advan­tages the prac­tice provides them with.
According to the elitists: commoners should work, buy pro­ducts they do not need, and pay taxes. They should NOT think for them­selves or try to line up their “worth­less” lives and actions with what actually goes on around them.
Even more important: commoners should never look for or listen to scien­tists and/or others who actually care more about their pro­fes­sions than their pay­checks, as such an act may cause cracks to appear in the elitists's care­fully crafted illusions.

Neither of the above should keep the more intel­ligent and in­formed among us from pushing for more balan­ced and effi­cient solu­tions to what­ever problems some­one thinks may pop up in our future, and – thank­fully – common sense still car­ries more weight than money and poli­tics do in better in­formed circles.

As long as we keep in mind that humans are not alone on this earth and that we cannot ever get back or replace what we eradi­cate, not all done to “coun­ter­act climate changes” may be destined to end up as costly and irre­vers­ible dis­as­ters that even­tu­ally will be con­dem­ned by history.

Ever wondered what “a con­trol­led climate” will be good for when the en­vi­ron­ment is destroyed?

“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by screwd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous planet-destroying toxin. It will be remem­bered as the mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”
— Richard Lindzen

nothing personal

Never mind that I personally do not see any­thing in the ongoing “climate changes” worthy of any forms of “coun­ter­actions” – especially none of the actions pre­scri­bed by the more hyste­rical climate acti­vists and their sup­por­ters. And, the more infor­ma­tion that flows by me from all sides, the more sure I am that my own data col­lec­tions and analy­zes are good.

I am probably one of those ri­di­cul­ously slow people who simply “do not get it”, as I rather adjust to the “earthly changes” as they come and go, than waste time, energy and money on try­ing to “prevent” them.

I simply love changes, and as long as nature is left in charge I rather have more climate changes to deal with than less. Now, quit littering our environment, please.

what to do when pigs fly…

It would of course be a total waste of time to write this article, if my inten­tion was to coun­ter­act the total madness a large bunch of polititions and other very greedy people and their various cor­por­a­tions have managed to set in motion under the pretense of “coun­ter­acting global climate change”.

Those who have already fallen for the flow of bogus “crisis” warnings and related lies, are most likely not open for more balanced and fact-based infor­ma­tion no matter how and where it is presented. Those who are better informed, or who simply are more curious than fearful, are probably on the right search-paths already.

Writing articles like this do how­ever keep me person­ally inter­ested in and search­ing for even more data and real infor­ma­tion on any subject. Rather that than give in and/or give up under the veri­table bar­rage of mis­infor­mation and lies that is con­stan­tly flowing through all chan­nels con­trol­led by those who have the most to lose if larger groups “get it” and switch from listen­ing to dogmas and dic­tates, to obser­ving facts about – among other things – climate changes and related matters.

There is – literally – a world of infor­ma­tion around us. All we have to do to “get it”, is to ignore those people who want us to ignore all they do not want us to know.

Do not deny facts in the search for truth, and remem­ber that neither believes nor con­cen­sus of any kind carry any weight in con­fron­ta­tion with reality.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 27.feb.2020
last rev: 26.mar.2020

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