climate change on sale

to the lowest bidders.

First, a short recapi­tu­lation:
When I first noticed reports in media about poten­ti­ally dangerous climate changes – must have been back in the mid 1990s IIRC, at first I wondered ”what took them so long“. I thought all modern and some­what educated humans must have learned in primary school what kind of pleas­ant and unpleas­ant sur­prises climate changes had, and could, lead to for the unprepared. History books are full of pretty detailed examples.

Then, as the years passed by, talk about what we humans allegedly were doing to Earth's climate, became more pronounced. However, as the talk became louder and more wide­spread, what was being said made less and less sense.  'The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie.' - Mark Twain It was as if all estab­lished facts and obser­va­tions about climate changes was totally irre­le­vant, and that what we have to deal with now is a totally new form for climate change that the world had never seen before.
As nothing could be further from the truth in my book, I natur­ally started to question this new “religion” that was being spread as gospel through media and all other channels the pro­mo­ters of the idea could find. Those who had no opinion on he subject got handed a ready-made one with hardly any base in reality, that they of course was expected to accept as their own and spread further, with­out asking questions or showing signs of doubt in “the almighty science”.

I pretty soon noticed that those who spoke the loudest, also had the weakest know­ledge base, and that they most certainly did not check their “science” before speaking up. No point in asking any of them about any­thing related to climate change, as they just got angry, spoke even louder, and declared that any­one who did not bow in awe to their superior lines of beliefs in man-made climate change, was ignorant fools.
Impressive and “irre­sis­tible” logic indeed.

The louder they got, the more they reminded me of trapped piglets; squealing at the top of their lungs and, if at all possible, making even less sense than before. (Squealing is the only defense the little piglets have.)

Thus, not wanting to go deaf while receiving no sensible, let alone believ­able, infor­ma­tion, I natur­ally turned to science for answers. And, as a conse­qu­ence of my findings, I no longer pay more atten­tion than I have to to those who praise and follow the “we must save the world from climate change” religion. They do not repre­sent any­thing I want to be asso­ci­ated with.

Better to be member of a minority of a few, or of one if so happens, and keep ones curi­osity and sanity intact, rather than to be counted as member of a majority where one risks losing all of the before mentioned. The size of a group is not a measure of its legi­ti­macy.
For all I care they may con­tinue to sell what­ever their gospel is to any­one who cares to listen to them, while I con­tinue to base my lines of thought and action on logic, science and avail­able facts.

Good thing that Earth's climate does not react to human opinions and deci­sions. Bad enough that so many insist on trying to make climate bend to their mis­gui­ded will, with no regard for life on Earth or for the Earth itself.

about making choices

Those who choose to buy the “man-made crisis” chapters of the climate change rethorics, do not have to put much on the table. They only have to empty their minds of logical thinking, never look for facts or believe their own eyes, and be prepared to shout out non­sense along with their like­minded when­ever they are being told to. Nothing can be easier, which is why I regard them to be amongst “the lowest bidders”.

Well, they are right of course, as all global climate change related crises are 100% man-made. They can be found on com­put­ers (garbage in = garbage out), and in the minds and actions of klepto­cratic poli­ti­cians and busi­ness people every­where, and nowhere else. No irregu­lar­ities regis­tered in the Earth's actual climate changes as of the year 2022, and no signs of any in the future.
Tip: Those who think they can prove other­wise, are adviced to read the actual IPCC reports on climate change pro­jec­tions (the parts that are written by scien­tists that are true to their pro­fes­sions). They won't find any­thing pointing to climate change irregu­lar­ities and/​or actual man-made climate crises there either, just posi­tive signs.

To the degree that man can affect climate, it is mainly a question of relative local and isolated effects – within natural boundaries. Tall struc­tures have a perma­nent effect on air-movements in an area, and some “windy cities” have been erected in the last century. Many heat-islands* have also been created, where con­crete and asfalt covers large areas and trap heat from the sun.
Regardless of how large or small the affected areas are, they are local and the effects drop to nothing at a distance. As such they are no more special than the form for micro-climates one can create in shielded parts of gardens.

Larger areas are made perma­nen­tly unin­habit­able, as a result of extrac­tion and pro­ces­sing of “rare earth” minerals mainly used to electrify every­thing in our lives.** No doubt local climates in those areas have also been affec­ted, and seriously worsened, by man.
And every day we are pre­sen­ted with the need for more of the same minerals and related des­truc­tion and pollu­tion, as part of the plans for an oh so “green” future.*

Remember to thank the many “man-made climate crisis” pre­sen­ters and pro­moters in media and else­where, for the dam­age that is done. Do not be too hard on them though, as most do not (or choose not to) know any better, and just do what they are being told. Not the first time we have heard that kind of reasoning and excuses, and it won't be the last either.

For propa­ganda mills to work, people have to be willing, and able, to come up with, and spread, more and more ideas that are in line with the mill-owners' and their masters' will.**
None of those involved in the pro­pa­ganda pro­duc­tions has to believe any of it, as it is all about making the general public believe enough to follow their masters' lead, and pay taxes.
Tip: sure way to observe when poli­ti­cians, and their masters, are lying…
… their carcasses are not entirely cold yet.

What a wonderful world…

protect our environ­ment…

Pollution, in all its forms, is a real problem. Air­borne particles tend to cause problems for all living beings in the area near the source, and often far beyond. Global winds can, and do, carry light particles (yes) globally.
Radioactive dust has for instance been spread far and wide (remember the Chernobyl disaster?), and the same with other (maybe less dan­ger­ous but one can never be sure) dust and smoke particles. Not uncommon to find sand from Sahara on/in the glaciers on Greenland, and one can never know what will follow the same air­streams.

All water and soil pol­lu­tion is equally bad, as there are no sure ways to block the break­down and spread of poisenous items, particles and fluids via rivers and ocean to all parts of the world – it just takes time.* Dry soil and wind add to spread of par­tic­les into much wider areas, as do evapo­ra­tion and rain.
Reality is that we can not pol­lute any­where on Earth and expect it to stay there. With time it will spread beyond all borders and barriers, and con­ta­mi­nate other areas.

Large expanses of wild nature and wood­land are being “prepared” to make space for things like factories, shopping centers, and not to forget: sub­si­dised wind turbines. A bad deal caused by lack of know­ledge and weak plan­ning pro­ces­ses in too many cases, as once nature (with all living beings) is des­troyed in an area, there is no way to restore it to its former, natural, glory, unless we have time to wait for another ice-age to pass.

A some­what complete list of ways we humans can, and are, pol­lut­ing* the wider nature we and all other living beings rely on, in addition to what we do to our local envir­on­ments (our living-spaces), will be much too large to include here.
There are also quite some dif­fer­ences around the world in what, and at what amounts, some­thing, like the various minerals, turn into soil pol­lu­tants rather than having nutri­tio­nal values, as ferti­lizers. Local know­ledge is essen­tial, and much of that is ignored today, as politics and greed on a global scale have taken over where common sense used to rule the land – a loss to all mankind.

NOTE: One factor we do not have to protect nature from any­where, is CO2. Nature can in fact do with quite a lot more of this life-giving gas in the air, resulting in a genuine green renaissance and a lot more food to harvest for man and beast.***
That money and energy is spent on removing CO2 from Earth's atmos­phere, is what really makes the entire climate change gospel idiocy utterly meaningless.

Having an atmos­pheric CO2 level around 1200ppm (about 3 times higher than what we have now) would be near ideal.* Would cause increased plant-growth with less need for water and ferti­lizer, and counter much of the loss in periods of severe drought, regard­less of whether they are caused by climate changes or “just” fluke weather.*
Statisti­cally, what we call “climate” and “weather” basically differ in over how long periods all factors are observed and docu­men­ted. Climate: 30 year averages and ten­den­cies. Weather: at the moment, and short periods of days and weeks.
So, while climate poten­ti­ally may change radically in days and weeks – maybe as a result of a volcano erup­tion*, and the effects may last for years, or even decades, the climate as such has only changed by the average values of all factors over the last 30 years up to any given time.

The relation­ship between global temp­era­ture and CO2, is complex enough in itself (and is too often pre­sen­ted with causes and effects out of order). Add in all the other factors on/​in and out­side Earth that may or may not play signi­fi­cant roles for Earth's overall climate, and you will see why it does not make sense to draw abso­lute con­clu­sions, and act on these, at this moment in time.*****
My “prelim­i­nary con­clu­sion” is there­fore… Protect nature and humanity every­where from klepto­cratic, para­si­tic and insane humans, and leave Earth's climate to change with the universe and its own forces, as it always has.

semi-reli­gious argu­men­ta­tion…

The following quote says all about the present state of climate change, and the non­sense that gets debated and spread about it. It's extra­ordi­nary that any­one should think there is a climate crisis. Year after year our annual assess­ment of climate trends docu­ments just how little has been changing in the last 30 years. The habitual climate alarmism is mainly driven by scien­tists' computer model­ling rather than obser­va­tional evidence.
— GWPF director Benny Peiser, Ph.D.
source: 'State Of The Planet' Is Good…
NOTE: The source for that quote is really good for those who have not fallen com­pletely for the climate alarm­ists' reli­gi­ous noise.

They say we must believe in science‥? What science‥? The “green” movement is 5% science and 95% politics…
I am not even sure if 5% science is realistic. The real number appears to be much lower. Pseudo science doesn't count, and I for one do not believe in poli­tics when it comes to climate – or much else for that matter.

After decades of being fed mainly poli­ti­cally redacted docu­men­ta­tion related to global climate changes, I have most of it filed under “much ado about nothing”.
The climate alarm­ists are still too loud for com­fort, and their words and acti­vi­ties still make next to no sense. However, as I do not have to listen or follow their lead, I can continue to apply common sense in all I per­son­ally choose to get involved in.

If it had not been for all the damage that is being done by the klepto­crats that are in it only to exploit people's fear and lack of basic under­standing about their envi­ron­ment, to make money and secure their posi­tions of power, the entire climate change scare could have been written off as just another of those stupid poli­ti­cal scams that even­tu­ally will end in failure and result in a few lines in history books to give future gene­ra­tions a laugh.

As it is; those future gene­ra­tions will also have to pay for, and righten as much as they possibly can of all the stupid things that are being done in the name of climate change today, long after those who drove the ridic­u­lous scare itself have been laid to rest and for­got­ten about. Not fair, but not my fault.

I allow myself to focus entirely on envir­on­men­tal and sus­tain­a­bi­lity issues on the matter of life on Earth, and leave the climate to take care of itself while we continue to prepare our com­muni­ties to handle all its varia­tions. That is the only policy that makes sense to me, and I am not prepared to surrender my right to let inde­pen­dent and logical thinking lead my actions while I am still above ground.

What happens after I'm gone is (of course) none of my busi­ness, and I won't even bother to write down my wishes for that part of the future here on Earth. It is all up to the younger gene­ra­tions alive, and I will only wish them well.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 12.may.2022
last rev: 21.may.2022

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