another civi­li­za­tion lost

by reason of insanity?

History books are full of rises and falls of dominant groups and civili­za­tions, and more or less clearly defined col­lec­tions of theories and facts for why they rose and fell – each of those his­tor­ies looking more insane than the others in the light of 20/20 hind­sight.
Question is always: how could so many people – entire popu­la­tions in too many cases – seemingly over­look, and not act on, all the (so very clear to us) signs of the imminent failures, in time to prevent, or at least ease, their falls and the damage done to all?

Part of the answer has always been, that when all goes up, almost everyone wants to be in on the “pro­jects” and grab their share and then some, and after a while they all believe that it can only go further up and into the heavens of their own making.
Nobody wants to listen to the voices of sanity, that says that both the goals, and the resources to ful­fill them, are pure fanta­sies, and that the “projects” are doomed to go bust sooner or later for lack of real support.
The “heaven-bound” believers will at best only laugh at the bringers of sanity and facts, and at worst they will brand them as liars and – literally – kill them off. All to protect the illusion of belonging to the “always righteous majority”, as if such a “thing” really exists on earth.

What goes up, has to come back down one day – history tells us that. Question is only how far down it has to go to reach the newly estab­lished bottom, and how many that have to pay for the inevi­table losses that come with the clean-up pro­ces­ses.
And, when all really starts to go down the drains and nobody can close their eyes to that reality any longer, every­one wants to get out of the mess they have parti­ci­pated in pro­long­ing, with mini­mal losses, and leave to others to save the pieces – if there is any­thing worth saving when those who ini­ti­ated the “pro­jects” have jumped ship.

No warning signs will have any real effects on these cyclic rises and falls of empires and entire civi­li­za­tions, and those same “we told you so” will be uttered again and again, because almost nobody will have listened to the voices of sanity these times around either.

nothing new any­where

Humans are as good, and as bad, in present century, as they have ever been through­out our entire history. Cor­rup­tion – in all its forms – is also as widely spread as ever, and cost at least as much in the forms of damage, suf­fer­ing and death as at any time before.
The list goes on and on … and who cares? Hardly anyone.

Life in our socie­ties often looks like an end­less series of really bad B-movies, with what appears to be severely degraded clones of some of the worst and most insane cha­rac­ters that ever walked the earth playing all the leading roles. No need to be psychic to foresee how each “movie” ends, and then the next, and so on and on until kingdom come. Must be some­thing seriously wrong in those par­ti­cular strands of human DNA featured most often in lead-roles – a fact con­fir­med by science btw.

what about us?

Well, since obviously we all are going to die some day any­way, and others are and will be born to take our places, one can only play ones role(s) in life the best one can until it is over. Do not use any of those degraded clones men­tio­ned above as role models though, as nothing is worse than to drop to their levels.

The rest is just life as we know it, as it has evolved on this earth up until present day. With all the natural variables and fluc­tu­ations that “some” humans still try to control and turn to their advan­tage even after being made aware of all the fail­ures to do so in the past, and warned about the harm they will cause. They are unlikely to ever learn, while we still can if we so choose. And remember; there still is nothing to fear but fear itself.

After stating all the above and adding my signa­ture below, it should come as no sur­prise that I feel good all over … at least until after the election

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 10.sep.2021
last rev: 01.oct.2021

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