can't help but wonder

what the future brings.

Allowing an old technocrat to turn even the slightest phil­o­soph­i­cal, can be more than a little dangerous. Something to handle with great care even if it is “all in the mind”.

Well, nothing to gain in life by avoiding all potential com­pli­ca­tions, so may as well let the monster loose and see where it leads. Am hopeful that it can be reined in before it dis­ap­pears beyond the horizon.

Today I will mainly look at what what I personally regard as misuse of tech­nology, has in store for mankind.
Spoiler alert … intelligent beings won't find any huge surprises in the following. What others may find is unclear…

wondrous new choices?

They can have it in any color they like, as long as it's black. — Henry Ford (referring to the Model-T)

That was then, and the above is mainly seen as an old joke. Now, a hundred years later, things have of course improved immensely.

Everyone can do whatever they want, as long as they stay in line with the domi­nating busi­ness model, and conforms to all rules and reg­u­la­tions applied to them. — (guess who said that)

Last time I checked, the road of im­pec­ca­ble con­for­mance with regard to any set of rules and reg­u­la­tions designed for and aimed at common citizens, was pretty narrow, in reality all but impassable.
That is, unless one manages to climb above it all to a level where rules and reg­u­la­tions don't count, or knows how to cheat the system and get away with it … mainly a ques­tion of status and economy.

The dominating business model is … well … “interesting” to say the least…
The only thing that makes sense to big business is to maximize their profit by ex­ploit­ing every­thing within reach, and to keep on widening their reach. All losses created in the process must of course be left to others to cope with, as otherwise it will hurt big business and that is not acceptable to them.

What a joyous new world of endless choices we are being allowed to live in…

improving technology, for what?

As I am all for introducing improved tech­nology in all areas, it hurts to see how tech­no­logy all too often is improved and applied for the sole purpose of allowing small groups to gain better control over fellow humans. Something smells very rotten…

Technological improvements are most often presented as inno­va­tions that will make life easier for us all, and in some very limited areas that is true. Technology can indeed be used to create quite useful options.
However, as we are forced to spend more and more of our lives within those tech­nologi­cally defined limitations, mainly because all alter­na­tives are being delib­er­ately blocked or elim­i­nated, are we still auto­no­mous living beings with free will, or are the majority of us being reduced to organic appen­dixes to tech­nology?

Example: computers, cellphones and creditcards, can be quite practical and useful items in day to day life. When connected to networks they are also easily tracked, monitored and manipulated, and they system­atic­ally are.

Trackers – both institutional and more shady ones – register our activities and whereabouts, and affect our choices, through our more and more tech­no­logic­ally advanced devices. Thus, we have become invol­un­tarily appended to modern tech­nology, and we cannot escape being tracked and eaves­dropped on unless we give up most, or all, use­ful­ness of same tech­nology.

technology reaching too far?

How long into the future will it be before it won't be tech­ni­cally possible to turn off our tracked devices, or not even being allowed to be without one? And, if we happen to stray outside our dedicated “zones”, will alarms go off and we be hunted down and returned to “safe” areas?

Reality already is that with sur­veil­lance systems found almost everywhere, we do not even have to stay connected in order to be tracked, observed and algo­rithm­ic­ally and heu­ris­tic­ally sorted and controlled. The hardware and software is at that point now, and what it can be used for is only limited by imagination.

Protection of privacy? What's that? Another service with no guarantees, offered to us at the highest possible price?
Or will “privacy” be just another antiquated word really old people mention now and then in passing while they reminisch about old times, from long before our inborn organic memory was made redundant by tech­no­logi­cal advances?

Cannot help but wonder…

paranoid? me?

Well, maybe I am a little paranoid, but it is extremely well founded.
The main difference my musings into our tech­no­logy dependency makes for my public and private life, is that I do not look only at what tech­nology can do for me, but also the harm it can help others do to me.

Advances in tech­no­logy isn't a problem, unscru­pu­lous people's use of increasingly advanced tech­no­logy is.

Any connection to the outside world that is not physi­cally blocked, can be regarded as an open access point into my private sphere. It can be guarded, but not made entirely secure.

As I cannot fix or convert unscru­pu­lous people, I stay alert and try to minimize the potential problems they pose. I am the one who analyze and define my personal privacy concerns, and, yes, there is plenty personal stuff I prefer not to be open about.

To be perfectly clear: there are no secure ways to com­mu­ni­cate today, and no parties to trust when it comes to keeping secrets. What I share with anyone – online or otherwise – is by my definition “no longer private or secure”.

This goes a little further than what most people like to think of when it comes to privacy issues and life in general, but at least there are no holes created by ignorance in my personal “privacy shield”.

the broader picture

Look at how “clever sales-pitches”, “baseless promises”, and wide­spread belief in how “tech­no­logical advances will save the day”, continue to cloud up our vision and makes us lower our ethics-based shields to the ground.
Without ethics to control the use of tech­no­logy, we become totally defence­less as the power of tech­no­logy more and more gets used against us instead of to serve us.

If we do not introduce some serious changes to our attitude and push back against this unnatural and very narrow-minded devolution, in not too long there won't be anything left of us for us to guard. What we will be left with, including any and all forms for tech­no­logy, isn't worth guarding.

What little “democracy” we have left now, will end up as nothing but pretty words used to cover up lies as individual freedom and human rights get crushed by dictates from above, and crime-infected from the top down. Think of it as “chaos by design”.

Conclusion: lowering ethics while advancing tech­no­logy in all areas, turns our societies into pseudo-tech­noc­ra­cies controlled by unscru­pu­lous people – a recipe for destruction of mankind.
What is worse is that this is happening now, not something that may happen some­time in the future.

As human being, and technocrat, I find this completely unacceptable.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 06.sep.2017
last rev: 08.sep.2017

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