what a beauti­ful day

lost in trans­la­tion.

Everything is beauti­ful … until it gets run through the obligatory man-made filters known as “stupidity”, ”fear”, and “greed”. Then dark­ness and negative thoughts take over, and life comes to consist of nothing but problems. Problems that only those who intro­duced the before men­tioned filters in the first place, and who con­tinue to enforce them, can solve and save us from – if we submit and con­form to their sets of rules. So, what else is not new?

History lessons are oh so boring, so the most bored people rather tear down visible signs of all they don't like from days and genera­tions past, while insisting on revamping, renaming and repeating all the worst chapters, including the like­ness of the worst characters, from the very same historic periods they – by choice – know next to nothing about. Did I mention that to promote “stupidity” is utterly stupid?

got good news…

If the declared COVID-19 pandemic don't get you, some­thing, or some­one, else will, and eventually, if all else fail, old age will get the job done. Point is that you won't get out of this life alive, regard­less of what you do or not. And don't bother telling me, or your­self, that I'm wrong…

Now, by wasting as little time as humanly possible on worries and fear of getting ill and/​or losing your life, and whatever else that can go wrong, you have the very best chance to make what is left of your time on Earth count for some­thing worth­while for you and yours.
Rain or shine; it is a beauti­ful day today, regard­less of what any­one try to make you think and feel about the weather and all the other things you cannot do any­thing about. So just let all fear and nega­ti­vity drift away out of your range of thought, and focus on what you want to make out of your life on this very special day and the even better days to come. Common sense and deter­mi­na­tion beats all ”fear”, and solve more problems.

master the unruly masters…

Politicians, beurocrats, legalized criminals, and other hired hands in, around and behind com­mu­nity admini­stra­tions – also known as “governments” in some circles, are there to serve the interests of those who live within same com­mu­ni­ties, although very few of them fill such roles to our satis­fac­tion.
Apart from the few that are needed to keep a minimum of order and coop­era­tion in and between our socie­ties, they mostly perform jobs designed to serve their own kakis­toc­ratic orders rather then the socie­ties they claim to be serving.
Neither of the above mentioned are our masters, even if a large portion of them may think of them­selves as such and act as if they are.

There are of course many other human­oids spread around in various power circles, that are neither elec­ted nor hired for any posi­tions. Think of them as the de facto bosses of those morons who think and behave as if they are our masters.
These specters are all serving their very own interests and nothing else, and none of them are of any real use to mankind. Should any of these crea­tures be deacti­vated, or their power circles dis­mant­led, then no real harm would be done to any real humans anywhere.
Expect those in posi­tions of power to be driven solely by “greed” and hunger for more power, and treat them accord­ingly.
(Apologize if you're wrong … it won't happen often.)

such a beauti­ful day…

Not a worry in life – at least not any real ones, and the sun is shining above and through the clouds for me and all others to enjoy. That is how it is to see nature's daily wonders without man-made filters, and there are amazingly few reasons to put those negative filters back on on this side of the grave.
An eter­nity of time for all that non­sense once all this is over, and we have become an even more inte­gra­ted part of nature.

In the mean time, always look on the bright side…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 20.may.2021
last rev: 21.may.2021

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