ask questions, ask more questions

and continue to question every­one and every­thing.

The only questions too dumb to deserve serious answers, are the ones that, for what­ever reason, are not being asked. Regard­less of how much you may think you already know, always question every­thing and every­one every­where you can, and try to learn more.

Perfect, complete and ever­lasting answers in any field are as rare as flying pigs. Thus, one should never be satis­fied with any answer, given by any­one or observed from any­where, to any line of questions.
Pay atten­tion, as some­where in there you may find tiny bits and pieces of potential truth, around which you can formulate your next line of questions to clarify things. Look up more sources for more credible answers to all your questions, and keep on peeling off the many layers of false believes and lies until there is nothing left but truth, however small it may end up being.

why not just trust the story­tellers?

More and more often often we are being presented with absolutes, like “the science is settled and similarly non­sen­si­cal utterings, and are expected to just believe what­ever they say with­out arguing, and act accordingly.
What a joke … don't they know that most of us are past kinder­garten age and levels by now? We no longer comply with “orders from superiors”, unless we have checked and are con­vin­ced that it is all good and to our advantage as individuals.

Anyone on any side of any case may of course utter what­ever they like, and some of it may actually be true. However, who they are and how many who back up their utterings, are not sig­ni­fi­cant when sorting out the facts that matter from what is being said. Not even who we (you and I) are is having much of an impact on what is facts and what isn't, apart from having the potential of clouding up the issues at hand and making the individual sorting processes harder.
The short version: truth is truth even if nobody believes or even can figure it out, and lies are lies even if every­body believe them.

Maybe the major story­tellers, AKA “kinder­garten superiors”, do not like being recog­nized as such. However, unless and until they start recog­nizing and treating normal intelligent beings (us) as such, they – who­ever and what­ever they happen to be – do not have much of a say on the matter.

failing formulae

Regardless of how well any of them are defined, there is no single formula that covers everyone's wants, needs and capacities when it comes to asking and answering all the “right” questions and solving all issues in all the “right” fields.
Whatever pre-defined formula one chooses, or are being told to follow, it will end up being a limiting factor for man's natural curiosity, interest in, and abili­ties to, figure out how to live within their present and future sur­round­ings on a large and small scale.

Many will be satisfied with following the beaten track(s), and look to others for con­fir­ma­tion that they are doing well. Others like to clear their own tracks, without being hung up in what others think. Many follow one track, while trying hard to make them­selves and others believe they are on another. And then we have those who are pretty obsessed with telling everyone else that they are on the wrong tracks.
Many have tried, but finding or defining a single formula that will cover all these and all the other potential direc­tions to per­fec­tion, is futile. That is why we have so many poli­tical and religious formulae and direc­tions, all claiming to be the “right” and/​or “best” one, or even “the only one”, and all fighting the others for super­i­ority. The basis for all wars and unrest in the world.

To avoid clashes left and right day in and day out, it may make sense to keep signs of serious curiosity related to things that are not on the official agendas and/​or high on social media, under cover, while searching for answers to any of the various questions any intel­ligent being may have, when and where others aren't watching.
Peace in one's environ­ment is often worth more for the indi­vi­dual, than to reach concrete answers fast. So if your questions tend to stirr up unrest, it may be better not to provoke others by asking them – there are always other ways to find answers.

Never mind those who take you for an ignorant fool that is wasting time on searches for unim­por­tant know­ledge where others do not bother to go, as at most they only prove that you are onto some­thing that may be of real value and well worth studying in depth.
The main thing is to stay curious in what­ever field(s) of your very own choice, and never stop questioning.

sincerely  georg; signature

Hageland 20.jan.2022
last rev: 03.mar.2022

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